Cash in the bank

There was an unexpected amount of cash.  It had diminished over the past few years in favour of cheques, but cash came way back and I was daunted, frankly.  I don’t count money, if I can help it.  I’ve been known to panic and not know the difference between a fiver and a twenty.  Also, I was a bit worried about taking it home and being responsible for it.

It was all right, of course, I put it in the safe and went to bed and slept for a few hours – I have to admit, I was too excited.  I still am, actually, I’m just thrilled. But it’s in the bank now, all £13,000 of it, as well as the cheques.  And I’ve spoken to a lot of people on the phone and emailed others and negotiated regarding unsold (but subsequently sold) lots and I am aiming to get all the paperwork done in the next week or so.

One nice couple were surprised when I told them what they owed.  Was it not what they expected?  No, they hadn’t bought Lot 16.  I let it go, I’d known them for many years and wasn’t going to argue.  But yesterday, he phoned – his wife had been bidding and they’d put a cheque in the post.

Another nice – very nice – couple were surprised too.  I hadn’t charged them enough.  Um, that was Ronan’s mistake.  He’d left a nought off……  …….  Yes, the difference between £2,100 and £210.  O  Kay.  No matter, it’s been sorted.

I’ll come down off this high in a while, darlings and get back to my usual laid-back self.  But I’m starting to dare to feel that it’s the beginning of something.  Better than it has been for a while.  I bought flowers yesterday and put them on Russell’s grave and I didn’t say anything, but I told him.  I daresay he knew.

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