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I went to a really pointless training session for governors yesterday – an hour and a half driving and an hour and a half there and I could have learned as much from a short letter.  At the end, I said politely that it would have been more useful to combine the governor and the headteacher sessions, as I think we could have learned more.

The catalogue for the next sale has been sent to the printers.  I’ve set up a Facebook page and have to deal with Twitter next – I’m not great at self-publicity, but will play it like a blog and hope that gets me through.  It’s under Lowestoft Porcelain Auctions on Facebook or there’s a link on my page there.

I dealt with a number of governor things today that, throwing modesty to the winds, wouldn’t have happened without me doing them.  I’m good on the legalities and being proper – not that others aren’t, but I know what to do and they’d have to work it out.  I must write up some lists before I leave.

I have also texted the bloke who bought the stuff out of my barn, again.  I was polite but terse. Politeness will last but he’s getting close to an ultimatum.  The entire workshop was supposed to have been cleared by the end of June and even the stuff that should have gone earlier is still there.  Then there’s the wood in the Dutch barn – if I need the space, it’ll get put outside.  He has no call on my storage space and has never asked me for an extension to our agreement, just fobbed me off.  I won’t lose my temper, that’s rare, but I am losing patience.

Still, the good news is that I’ve got someone to replace the soffit boards that were damaged by a falling tree some years ago.  It would have been an insurance job originally, but the builders kept fobbing us off and it got left – I’m so pleased that it will finally be done.  Then it’ll have to be painted – at this time of year, odds are that it’ll be primed, undercoat if we’re lucky, and finished next spring.

I’m going to have an early night.  Didn’t really sleep last night.  i spent a couple of hours proof-reading the catalogue and I can’t read close print in evening light any more.  I’ve a feeling I’m going to have to buy some glaring lamps.  Anyway, all that concentrating scuppered my winding-down for the night and I dozed a couple of times, but was mainly awake, until after 5am.

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