Z pays the bills

Today, I’ve signed documents and paid bills.  I’ve bought extra catfood and am taking action about a possible new governor – it’s a long shot, but someone is about to retire and she’d be great and is delightful to boot – M, who stood down in July, is delightful in the same way, so needs to be replaced by someone equally lovely.

When I stand down, that’s another matter.  No idea how they’ll do that.  Heh.

I’ve bought and posted a birthday present, organised another and ordered a third.  September is certainly a busy birthday month in this family – though the posted present is for my friend Lynn, whom I’ve known since early schooldays.  She is an artist, poet (ex-poet, in fact, she had a horrible experience with a publisher and it’s killed her creative muse) and great expert on the history of picture frames.  Very clever and absolutely lovely.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned the father of the barn kittens.  I call him Boss Hogg, Roses calls him the Lynx, he’s a big, handsome tabby who is a total pain in the butt.  He is a pet, I suppose, but clearly his owners are totally irresponsible, because he should have been neutered as a kitten.  His offspring are fond of him, but Cat is a bit afraid of him and he’s fought with Roses’ Rummy and won.  Sometimes, he turns up when I’m feeding the cats and then I have to stand there while they eat, because he’d take over.  Today, I was sitting typing when I heard yowling and a kerfuffle – he’d come in the house, to the horror and distress of Eloise.  It was a lovely sunny afternoon and I like to leave the door open while I can.  I searched the house for Eloise, who hid for a while, though she was all right later. It is very annoying.  I’ve heard that he terrorises other cats in the village – he’s wary of me, with good reason.

I’ve set up arrangements for the house and the animals to be looked after while I’m away, so that’s okay.  And I’ve been invited to visit bloggers on the way there and back, so that’s lovely.  Zig’s latest scan was good enough that she’ll be home from hospital – I think she’s there now, in fact.  Prognosis isn’t great but we take each good day for what it is and appreciate the good things.

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