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It’s been interesting – for one thing, the incoming Headteacher came to lunch yesterday.  Just sandwiches, a working lunch.  He’d got a list of things to discuss and so had I, and there was a lot of overlap.  We got on really well – I’ve seen him a couple of times since the interviews back in the autumn, and further conversations have only reinforced my confidence that we’ve done the right thing in appointing him.  Which is no end of a relief – though I was absolutely sure from the start, or I wouldn’t have agreed.  If you’ve ever made a seriously wrong decision, which I have, you jolly well learn from it.

Today, we had someone look over the house with a view to installing a new heating system.  If anyone knows anything about an air to air source heat pump, I’d be glad of an opinion.  Please don’t confuse it with an air source heat pump, they are not the same thing, but there seems to be a lot more on the internet about that.  I’ve put my engineer son-in-law on the case.

I’ve downloaded a motorcycle theory test app – I’m not sure how much one is tested on for the basic training, but it’s always good to brush up in any case.  I’m reasonably sound on the Highway Code, but there are always a few gaps.  Less than a fortnight to go before my CBT – ooh.  Quite scary.  In an ‘I really want to do it, but it’s quite scary’ way.  I’m not sure whether to start looking at bikes and clothes and helmet and so on, or whether to wait until I’ve passed – I might not succeed.  If I prove to be hopeless at it and decide not to persevere … am I being negative or sensible here?  In any case, I’m going to lean heavily on Sir Bruin for help.  He’s a good bear.

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  1. allotmentqueen

    When is your head starting? By the sound of it, in time to make congratulatory speeches about this year’s exam results – always a good point. Means he can big up the staff and the outgoing head (and the interim acting head?) which is always good. I think it’s so important to give praise where it’s due and be really positive. There’s so much negativity about otherwise.

    I know nothing about heating, sorry.

    Oh, just go for it. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of rocker-porn. Well, you’re not going to be a mod on a scooter, are you? So full scale leathers in order. Is there a local Hells Angels (or Hells Grannies) Chapter you can join? And don’t even think about being hopeless. It’s a negative attitude.

  2. Z Post author

    He was appointed in the autumn to start in September; the previous Head retired at Christmas and the Associate Head (who didn’t apply for the job) is Acting Head now – and praise is certainly due all round. So much support and pulling together, it really is a lovely school and the new chap will fit in very well.

    Got to have leathers, although they’re not that practical (except for warmth) apparently. But I’ve got to have leathers and that’s that.
    I’m best thinking things through and considering all angles, including failure – and then gear myself up – I’ve put this on the internet and everything, I really do want to succeed at this … that I’m not scared to acknowledge the possibility of failure is a good thing. If you’re afraid of trying something in case you don’t succeed, that’s – well, it’s something that’s held me back in the past, if not the recent past. I reason things through, I have to – always look for the pitfalls, so that I don’t fall in to them. Not too often, anyway.

  3. Sharifa

    We have a forced air system (whatever that means) but all I know is that in the winter it’s warm and in the summer it’s cool. I had no idea you were going to join the “biker brigade,” sugar! How absolutely exciting! I haven’t owned a motorcycle in over 40 years! Well done you! xoxox


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