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As I’ve said before, I read quite a lot of blogs, and mostly rely on a feedreader to know when they’ve been updated.  The one I used to use folded, so I rather reluctantly moved over to Google Reader, and when that packed in too, I shifted to Feedly.  But I don’t much like it, having given myself plenty of time to get used to it.  It could be that I am not using it particularly effectively, I’m not saying it isn’t a perfectly good bit of kit, just that it doesn’t suit me.

I do get email notifications of some blogs, but I prefer a feedreader because I get too many emails already, and I prefer to have all updates in one place.  And I have culled a few, but actually I don’t want to get rid of all the blogs I’ve previously enjoyed, even if they are dormant. A number of people have come back to their blogs after a long time and, if that happens, I’ll leave a comment to let them know I’m still reading.  I tried deleting those whose writers neither acknowledged my comments on their blog nor commented here in return, but soon came up against those I enjoyed and it seemed a bit petty to take that attitude.

If anyone has come across a feedreader they really like, would you let me know, please?  Not that I know yet how to export links out of Feedly, that’s an effort to come.


6 comments on “Feed Z now…

  1. Scarlet

    I like the Mr Reader app for iPad. I have Feedly for the PC, and I don’t really like it very much… but it’s slightly better now I’ve organised the blogs into folders.

  2. Sharifa

    I forgot all of my log in info for here, so now I’m truly me. *sigh* Anyway, I use my blogroll to keep updated when all y’all blog! I know, no help at all, right? xoxoxo

  3. wendz

    I use Newsify on my iPad and Bloglovin on the computer. Both are OK…I Actually quite like Newsify…I use the magazine format.

  4. Z Post author

    I’m so sorry, this logging in is more trouble than it’s worth to you. I wonder if I dare turn it off – I hate the thought of a load of spam, though.

    The only issue with having two systems is that you then get duplication, don’t you? I really want something that works on the computer, but also has decent phone/iPad apps. Thanks for your suggestions, I’ll check them out.

    If I only had a few blogs to check, that’d be fine – but there are rather a lot of them and I only pay for about 20 live updates – I could upgrade, but in that case I might as well return to Blogger and make you fill in the wv. I just got so cross when it was impossible to read. There’s a lot that I like about having my own website.

    1. wendz

      Sorry I’ve just remembered this post…. Bloglovin works on both iPad and computer so you’d avoid duplicates. And it’s alright. Really.

      I’ve made a note of my password now so it isn’t a problem to log in…I wouldn’t go back to Blogger. I have my own domain now too …..just need to do something with it. Much nicer to have your own space.


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