Weaving not drowning

There is an exhibition of weaving and knitting at Norwich cathedral and today there was a special day for children to find out about the subject and have a go at weaving.  Zerlina was very keen to try.  But first, we met Ro for lunch – which went very well, we went to an Italian restaurant and the children were beautifully behaved and we all enjoyed our meal.

First, Zerlina tried some hand weaving, with wool on card, and was very pleased with the results – I didn’t take a picture.  Then after looking at the exhibition, where she accurately identified whether each piece of work was woven, knitted or crocheted, we found the looms.  She stood for ages watching a little girl called Naomi, who very charmingly explained what to do (though it was her first time too) and then Zerlina had a go.  She loved it and talked about it all the way home.  The looms are a bit expensive for Weeza for now – they’ve got the builders in at their house and that’s where all their cash is going at present – but it might be one for the future.IMG_3024
In other news, Zerlina is very pleased that she can now swim without armbands.

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