Z is chuffed – until she isn’t

Today was very jolly – until, briefly, it wasn’t – because we met Weeza and the children at a small local light railway and chuffed merrily about on small local trains for a couple of hours.

Before that, however, I filled a bowl with eggs and took it to church.  Last year’s bantams are laying prolifically at present and we are getting between 10 and 20 eggs a day, whilst we can eat half a dozen a day at best, and sometimes only two.  So, in a week, we’d built up rather a lot, even though I’d made Cakes and was sneaking an egg or two into Ben’s dinner.  I’m very happy to say that, between friends at church (who gratefully thanked me for the lovely eggs – though I assured them I was grateful to get rid of them) and Weeza, the eggmountain is no more.  All we have in stock is the half dozen laid between noon and close of play tonight.

Ashmanhaugh – pronounced Ashman-O rather like Westward Ho! or (if you love Cold Comfort Farm) the Pioneers-O – light railway is delightful.  Here it is, if you want to know more – they were busy today, unsurprisingly, because it was one of those rare occasions, a Perfect English Summer’s Day.  The sun was hot enough to need lotion but not enough to cause sunstroke, there was enough breeze for it not to be oppressive, but not so much that you needed a jacket,  it was lovely.  Possibly, today was summer, in which case I hope you had the chance to enjoy it. It’s great for younger children, though older ones might find that a trip round the (very picturesque*) tracks palls after a few times – the ticket entitles you to as many trips as you want, so you can get off the train after your journey and join the queue for the next go.  Zerlina had her birthday party there a couple of years ago and Augustus will have his third birthday party there in August – it’s now £100, but for that they open up specially for 20 children and accompanying adults and give as many train rides as wanted, and there is a lovely space for picnics and you can buy drinks and ice cream at a reasonable price.

Afterwards, we went back to Weeza and Phil’s house, and that was where I became a bit unchuffed, on the journey.  It was a single track road and a young woman came bombing through – Weeza managed to pull into a passing place, but there wasn’t one for me and we clashed wing mirrors, though I’d stopped – she was going too fast.  “I was only going about 30” she said (and then some, darlings) and I politely but quite firmly said that’s too fast for a single track road, you should always be ready to pull in and stop.  Anyway, the glass wasn’t broken but the back is lost.

But it isn’t like a person getting hurt, so hey ho.  Phil had been cycling in the Norfolk 100 miles trip today, so had arrived home and put dinner on.  He had to get to Norwich first, of course, and then cycle home, so it was 140 miles overall (he said he went a bit further down the road and back to pull in that final half mile!).  The builders have been going great guns and there are now three more rooms upstairs – bedrooms four and five and a bathroom (other bedrooms have en suites – what is it with bathrooms nowadays?  Some houses have more lavatories than there are bedrooms).  And they’re being put on mains drainage in the next few weeks, so they are very happy (dearly as I love a septic tank, their sewage arrangements leave a bit to be desired and need pumping out every few weeks because the previous owner was a chap who never quite completed a task and there’s a vital bit missing).

So things are nearly all ok at the Zedary.  And in the next few days, I’ll be sending out a casual email to a few of you, to confirm whether you’re coming to the blog party on the 14th – it’s an open and informal do and a lot of us met here for the first time, so if you’ve never met us, don’t think it would be unnerving to come along.  We have beds and a warm welcome if you’ve a way to come, you will meet lovely people, some  of whom are my family.  It’ll be fun.


*now look, darlings, how do you pronounce picturesque?  I say picture-esk, but the locals say picture-skew … this makes me giggle a bit, but what do I know?

3 comments on “Z is chuffed – until she isn’t

  1. Sharifa

    What happened with the woman who ruined your side mirror? I’m guessing there was no offer to replace it for you? Your day sounded lovely up until that part! 🙂

    I wish we could be there on June 14th for your blog party! I’m sure all y’all will have a wonderful time, sweet pea! xoxo

    (your pronunciation is correct!)

  2. johng1962

    Picture- esk! Did you get there number? Failing to report an accident is illegal!! Even you could get done if they’ve reported it and you haven’t.

  3. Z Post author

    Well, she only stopped to pick up a bit of mirror – no, I didn’t ask her name or take her number – there wasn’t anything to be done about it. Wing mirrors getting biffed don’t normally get reported, I shouldn’t think, I’ve had it happen a couple of times before and the driver didn’t bother to stop. It wouldn’t be worth claiming on her insurance – with only her word against mine, they’d settle knock for knock, and I’d not get anything because of the size of the excess, and it would be a mark against me, even telling the insurance company shoves up your premium. Just getting over it is better for the blood pressure.

    If ever you come over this side of the pond, Sharifa, there will be the warmest welcome for you and yours!


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