Z takes time off

And so today, I took the day off.  A Nadfas lecture, then a long, chatty lunch with a friend which lasted for several hours.  After that, Russell and I took ourselves off to Snape for supper and a piano recital.  I should have done some school stuff, but that can wait until tomorrow.  Time to recharge batteries makes one able to be more productive when one does have work to do.

The cleaners did everything except hoover two bedrooms, so I’ve got a lovely clean house – that is, just surface cleaned, you’ll have to excuse me moving the furniture (though I have in the annexe.  Well, not the piano, the rest of it).

I’ve discovered that, when I’m awake in the night, putting a radio programme on iPlayer sends me back to sleep.  I’ve not heard the end of a half-hour programme yet.  I don’t listen live because, sooner or later it’ll wake me up again, but an episode of something quietly comes to an end without waking me.

Now taking the papers to bed, knowing I don’t have to hurry in the morning – we had a meeting planned, but have been able to do all the business by email.  Two cancelled in a week for that reason, such efficiency!

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  1. Pat

    I gave my mother a talking book ‘The Land Girls’ – of course she never used it and gave it back to me. This always sent me to sleep pronto.


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