Three days of pictures

Monday, I cleaned and made beds
Tuesday, I went to Snape
 First evening it’s been warm enough for people to sit outside
 I was on the huh, not the marshes
 Barbara Hepworth.  The statues, not the lady on the left
This is made of plastic milk cartons and mackerel tins.  The man just happened to be standing there
This evening, I suddenly wanted pudding.  It takes a minute to whizz together and 4 1/2 in the microwave, during which time I made the sauce.  Gentlemen, don’t listen to excuses (unless they’re on medical grounds). And if your wife is obdurate, can’t cook or doesn’t care, make it yourself.  Medium power so that the baking powder has time to work.  1 egg, its weight in butter, SR flour & sugar, a teaspoonful of cocoa powder and a dash of milk, beat together, cook.  A few squares of chocolate, a splash of cream and milk, warm gently.  

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