Maximum efficienZy

I say, I’ve done jolly well today.  I’ve changed all the beds, put furniture in the annexe and tidied the kitchen.  I’ve also taken four bin-bags-full of rubbish that Russell left casually in the spare room (and that I had to move hastily last Friday when we had an unexpected guest) down to the bonfire, tipped the contents out of the bags and burned (too much for the wheely bin) and done at least six, possibly more, loads of washing and dried most of them on the line.  The last two aren’t dry and one is in the washing machine, about done now.  I’ve still one to go.  Four bedsworth, plus towels and a couple of weeksworth of clothes, because I leave it until there’s enough to separate whites and coloureds.

And now you know all my clothes washing habits.  Oh good.

Tomorrow, the cleaners are coming, two of them for a couple of hours.  Since I’ve done all the sorting out, I don’t see why they can’t hoover and dust throughout the house in the time,  I could in a morning.  I won’t be here, unfortunately, but that’s because of a small misunderstanding between ‘every fourth Tuesday (of the month)’ and ‘every fourth Tuesday’ which is entirely understandable when you think about it.  And, since the third Tuesday isn’t good for me, it’s fortunate that it’ll only be this month and next, after which it’ll be the second Tuesday – yes, I know, this is getting both boring and bewildering.  If you’re still interested, check out the calendar, otherwise just nod and pass it by.  Anyhoo, the point is that the housework will be basically done, I’ll just have to waft a duster next week.  And you’ll take me as you find me, innit?  Clean sheets and good kitchen hygiene are all that matter, when it comes down to it, though a ringless bath is a bonus.

Russell has some sorting out to do tomorrow.  I’ve let him off the eighteen – yes, truly – boxes he dumped in Ro’s room, along with leaving the four black bags because he couldn’t be arsed to take them downstairs, but have stipulated other things, because the cleaners need a clear run for maximum efficiency.

I’ve just had a phone call from Weeza.  Little Zerlina isn’t very well – unfortunately, the commitments I have tomorrow aren’t easy to get out of at this late stage, but I’m free Friday, so Weeza will take tomorrow off and I’ll come and babysit Gus on Friday so that she can make up the day then.  She works Monday to Wednesday normally, though is always available on phone or email – she and her boss are pretty relaxed and confident and as long as the work is done, all’s fine.

And so to bed, dear hearts.  I haven’t looked at today’s papers and I have yet to walk the dog.  But I have put the clean and dry washing away and emptied the dishwasher.  Oh yes.

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  1. Z

    It’s the way to do housework though, which is so ineffably boring that I have to do a blitz once in a while to feel good about it.

    I can get you lots of cardboard boxes, Roses. I’ll save good ones and can get more from Tim at the shop.


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