Z still thinks about the party

This is starting to work and thanks to those who have replied so far – and thanks also to Blue Witch for telling me to suggesting that I ask for offers of food.  I’m very willing to do it all but, being practical, I won’t turn anyone down either and would be grateful. But don’t feel obliged in any way please, I do enjoy preparing food for lots of people and I also love preparing for a party.  I’ll do a header post in the next day or two – I’ll just say now that, if you haven’t been here before or have forgotten the way, drop me an email and I’ll send you my address.  My email is on my profile.  And, as I’ve said before, do stay over if you’ve a way to come – I bought a new mattress for one bed specially!  We do have some friends staying in the annexe as our guests for a few weeks later in the year, but one of you can christen it.  Or two, of course.

Another lovely concert last night, and the composer of the Horn Concerto played, Colin Matthews, was present and was called on to the stage to be applauded, and he looked very proud and pleased, as well he might be.  A wonderful piece of work, beautifully performed.  Weeza and I had a really good evening.  I forgot to take our tickets and went to the box office to own up – of course, the chap could look them up and reprint them, but he jovially reprimanded me and I was duly humble – all in jest, of course.  Once, years ago, I managed to throw away all my tickets to all the concerts and was able to get another set, so it wasn’t my daftest action.

I’m way behind in my letter-writing – it’s all this blogging that takes my time – and am going to write to Martina now.  If only Seattle were not so far away – she is one of so many lovely people I’ve met here whom I’d love to meet.

8 comments on “Z still thinks about the party

  1. Mike and Ann

    That’s a coincidence. I’ve just been swapping comments to Lori Skoog of Skoog Farm – t’other side of the pond. We both have standing invitations to go and see the other couple, and neither of us can make it. It shrinks the world , this blogging.

  2. Blue Witch

    Tell? It was definitely phrased as a suggestion!

    It would help me if I knew what you were thinking now – you mentioned hot before, I mentioned cold, and now I’m left feeling the same way I do when I ask someone if they’d like tea or coffee or a cold drink and they say, “Yes please!”

    Perhaps I just need a bit more direction – just a category would help!

  3. Z

    Martina and I exchange emails regularly and are great friends and there are other friends in America I’d love to meet, I’ve also got a standing invitation to visit a friend in Delhi – and of course they’re equally welcome here.

    BW, it depends on what’s offered. I don’t have time to make a lot of last-minute salads as well as cook and carve meat etc, and will have to prepare veggie food too, which is why I planned hot as it’s simpler and can be done in advance. However, if people are bringing food then that’s easier to serve cold than to heat up at the last. I’ll have to think about it later, I’m a bit pushed at the moment.

  4. Zig

    if this works it’s because i have eventually managed to read the WV and this is not the original comment about food and how much I’m looking forward to coming to your party!

  5. Z

    It’s all right, Zig, that’s in the previous comment box. I’m really looking forward to seeing you and am minded to put you in the bed with the new mattress!


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