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It’s a fortnight to the blog party, so please can we start to confirm who’s coming and who would like to stay over?  I have looked back to when it was first mooted and who said they hoped to come then, but that was months ago, so plans may have changed – I know that Tim can’t come any more.

If I’ve left your name out it’s because I am fundamentally a bit hopeless, so please just tell me you’re coming, and if you haven’t told me yet then you’re certainly invited.  There’s room to stay but there might be a slight bed shortage, so it’ll be good (but not essential) to have time to think things through.  I’ve certainly got three double beds and a single and more spare rooms without beds in them yet, but have options.  It’ll be fine, don’t let a question of accommodation concern you.

The list I have, and apologies for anyone I’ve left off –

PixieMum and Ian
Compostwoman, if her back is up to the journey
Wendz and Martin
Mike and Ann
Sir Bruin and Liz
Blue Witch and Mr BW
Rog and Mrs Rine (with Holly and Lily)
Mig and Barney
Roses and Lawrence
Macy, who’s been silent of late
Mago, possibly
Janerowena, possibly

Family – Ro and Dora will be in Paris but the rest hope to come.  That is –

The Sage and Z (well, obv)
Weeza, Phil, Zerlina and Augustus
Al, Dilly, Squiffany, Pugsley and Hadrian

There’s no limit to numbers, we have plenty of room and I’ll just borrow more tables and crockery if we run out.  I haven’t started to think about food yet, but let me know if there’s anything you don’t eat if I don’t already know it.  And don’t be concerned about not knowing people, everyone is so friendly and welcoming that you soon will.

18 comments on “Z is looking forward

  1. janerowena

    Can you please let me know when you expect it to start and end? Roughly? Only, many things this end have changed too and I may manage a couple of hours.

  2. Z

    It’s a lunch party, I think people started to arrive around noon and I’m not sure how long it went on until – about 4 o’clock, I should think, but people will be staying, so it won’t really have an ending. It would be great if you could come. I will probably serve hot food because it’s less last-minute preparation than salads, and it’ll be sit-down at tables.

  3. Mike and Ann

    Hello Zoe. We’re looking forward immensely to your party. Ann says she will bring a pudding, and also that she’ll give you a ring a bit later in the week to see if there’s anything else we can do/bring.

  4. Blue Witch

    Please could we (be made to) wear name badges, because I got confused last year. I am easily confused these days.

    Would it help you if we all brought a dish? You’re being very kind in providing the venue, and we all appreciate that you have an awful lot on. I know you like entertaining, but is it worth injecting a bit of realism? I’m sure that it would be no problem for everyone to make/buy one dish, and it would ease your load.

  5. Rog

    We are in!

    If Di is flying in from God’s Own Country the least we can do is motor down the Diss Road!

    PS Mike – I hope Ann wasn’t referring to you.

  6. Z

    That’s very kind of Ann, I must start thinking about food, it seems. So far, I’ve just got as far as considering what pudding to do for you, assuming you’re being careful about cholesterol & saturated fats. I’m thinking meringues and poached peaches, perhaps? Or is that a staple dessert for you at present?

    I can do name badges – blog names and real ones, if that would help.

    Inject realism? Gosh, that’d be a first. It would be a great help, actually, if a few people brought some food, not that I want to invite people and then make them do the catering. I’m busier than I expected to be this month – though it’s all doable, and I cleaned the annexe this afternoon, having had a new mattress delivered this morning, so even the housework is getting done. Some people are coming a long way, not necessarily by car, so I wouldn’t ask them for anything. But offers gratefully accepted.

  7. Blue Witch

    Well, either everyone could just bring something for a buffet (there are enough people for a ‘pot luck’ to work), or it could be more organised with, say, you doing, say, cold meats and maybe a poached salmon and an Aga full of baked spuds, and everyone bringing a salad and/or pudding/cheese? Even people coming on public transport can manage cheese (and there are always local shops).

    It would then mean that you could enjoy yourself and there wouldn’t be so much clearing up either.

    But, your call, I’m sure we’ll all go along with whatever you think!

  8. wendz

    I’m afraid we won’t be able to make it Z..so so sorry as we were looking forward to it but heyho…life! I hope you have good weather – no matter though I bet it will be a total blast regardless. x

  9. janerowena

    I can do that – speech day has been shifted to the following Thursday, OH has athletics during the day and a concert in the evening and as long as I am back in time to force Son into the shower and his DJ, then ferry said Son to his Leaver’s Ball at 6pm that works very nicely.

    Was going to suggest I bring a large sort of mixed savoury tart thing, but willing to bring anything portable really.

  10. Z

    I wouldn’t want to tell anyone what to do, so I’ll simply accept offers and work around them, thank you for the suggestion, BW. I used to be very poor at accepting help, but finally realised that just looks stand-offish, which I’m not.

    It would mean factoring in a weekend really, because of the distance, Wendz, and timings can become impossible. So sorry you can’t make it, maybe next year? Or if you want to come this way, you’re always welcome.

    Thanks for your email, Madeleine, I’ll reply next.

    JaneR, brilliant, I’m so glad you can come – evidently OH can’t, but I’m sure we’ll meet another time – the savoury tart would be great, thank you.

  11. dinahmow

    I’ve been told I make a tasty quiche, but a bit difficult when not at home, so perhaps we could pick up something from the bottle bank?

    And @ Rog. I’ll be flying in from Oz via the colonies that Cornwallis lost!

  12. Z

    Well, I think we’ll fill the bottle bank afterwards! And of course you, Zig, Mig and Barney will be staying for the weekend – really looking forward to that too.

  13. 63mago

    I’m banking on bottles …

    I am very sorry, dear Z, but it is not possible that I could attend the event. It would be a real pleasure to meet You, Your lovely family and the blogging corona, but its simply not achievable. Gutes Gelingen and best wishes!

  14. Zig

    I have a kitchen, not used much for cooking it’s true, but Di is welcome to make her whateveritwas in it – in fact I’ll insist she does 🙂

    Oh ***@£$ the WV is u readable – or do I need new glasses? I will give it a go, if you see this it’ll be a miracle and if you don’t I’ll still make Di cook

    here goes

  15. Z

    I didn’t think it was very likely, dear Mago, but you’re always welcome here, blog party or any other time. We’ve got plenty of room, do stay and I’ll get Roses and other friends over for a very relaxed get-together.

    Zig, I am so sorry about the WV, the spam was unbearable, and I’m a patient woman. See how it goes, it’s you and Di that I want to see – though everyone will love her cooking, obv (and yours is damn good, I’ve tasted your cake and scones).

  16. Compostwoman

    Thank you for the kind offer of a place to sleep – you are a very hospitable, kind lady.

    But, I’m really sorry but I am just not up to this long a drive 🙁

    I WILL get to see you all, one day 🙂


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