Z suns herself

I’m sitting on the grass outside the National Gallery in Edinburgh, all alone apart from a few hundred other people enjoying a relaxing lunch hour. The rest of the party, apart from another eight who have similarly opted out, are on the coach being given a tour round the city. I like to explore cities on foot and, besides, it’s a gorgeous day and I’m not spending it in a bus.

There are, in fact, notices which politely ask people to keep off the grass but we are, quite properly I believe, disregarding them. Everyone is just sitting or lying apart from some well-behaved little children running up and down the slopes, the older ones looking after the toddlers – it does an elderly maternal heart good, to see children being kind to their smaller fellows.

It was suggested by my friends that I was being overly optimistic, bringing sun cream instead of an umbrella, but my prescience is now commended.

8 comments on “Z suns herself

  1. Dave

    I applaud your triple use of the phrase ‘apart from’.

    I am enjoying the sunshine in Norfolk, and am perfectly content. Apart from…

  2. Z

    I was unaware of it, Dave. Now you mention it, I suggest that it reflected my enjoyment of being on my own, almost for the first time since Tuesday. I expect that I shall revert to ‘actually’ next week.

    Not that I don’t enjoy company, of course.

  3. mago

    Sunny even in Franconia. I am happily looking for tomorrow morning when I will have my coffee in the sun – yay!
    I hope you enjoy your voyage.

  4. Z

    I never plan to go anywhere on a Bank Holiday. Everywhere’s too busy and the weather is normally dreadful.

    Thank you, Mago. I raise my coffee cup to you.

  5. Dave

    Sadly, on the Monday which is our next Bank Holiday I shall be driving north, to Yorkshire, for a week’s rest in the rain.

  6. luckyzmom

    Sunscreen is more important than an umbrella. I took a very fashionable straw hat to Washington DC last week to protect my head from the sun. It was very unnecessary.


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