Catching Oysters

There’s a pair of oyster catchers staying at the hotel. Not in one of the rooms, you understand; they have nested in the garden and are rearing three babies. A couple of nights ago, the parents were calling and flying about agitatedly, and last night the youngsters were on the ridge of the roof waiting for their parents, who were foraging for worms for them. We watched for some time and it was most entertaining to see because of the scuttling of the chicks as they legged it along the ridge tiles towards the parent bird who had landed, worm dangling from beak.

I’ve taken some pictures, but I don’t know how clear they will be. If they’re any good, I’ll put them up here in a day or two.

We’re off tomorrow morning at 8 o’clock. It has been a lovely visit and we’ve seen some beautiful things and enjoyed good company. I am not marvellous at too much togetherness and did need some solitary time yesterday but, as I got it, I’ve felt thoroughly sociable again today.

8 comments on “Catching Oysters

  1. Z

    Slightly disconcertingly, there was haggis on offer for breakfast. I did have it one day, but afterwards stuck with bacon and eggs. A bit too much flavour for first thing.

  2. Z

    It would be wasted on me, Chris – whatever it is. The sun shone, but too early for the midges (or midgets, as they’re called in this part of Norfolk, which I think is hilarious and is why I love it here. Well, not the only reason.)

    Home safe, darlings, thank you. xxx


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