From square to prime

I’ve been home for an hour. The Sage came to Norwich to fetch me. I’d said that I’d probably eat en route, but I wasn’t hungry at the small transport caff, so I was by the time we got home.

What is it with (some) men? There was hardly a vegetable in the kitchen. I found garlic and three tomatoes and that, literally, was it. Not an onion, nothing green. In the end, I chopped a couple of cloves of garlic and two tomatoes, fried them a bit in olive oil, added some dried chillies and some salt, opened a tin of chickpeas, rinsed them and chucked them in and, since the Sage entered the room at that moment to offer me some hot-smoked salmon, put in a bit of that too.

The only other remnant of vegetable I found was a single chip which had fallen unobserved to the edge of the counter.

Sad to say, I’m too tired to write anything more, but tomorrow I shall upload pictures and may post a few. Or whole lots, who knows?

Oh, you may wonder about the title. It’s our wedding anniversary. I’ve brought him back some fudge.

11 comments on “From square to prime

  1. Z

    I suspect the compost bucket will be empty apart from tea leaves. I’m not going to look, it’s none of my business.

    37 it is – not 5 or 17. Next year, I shall have been married for two-thirds of my life (in round numbers, that is).


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