Happy joy

I’ve actually been singing the song … which reminds me, whatever happened to Ren and Stimpy? They were ace.

There is a reason – there’s always a reason, darlings. The Sage has just left for a meeting…a PCC meeting…a meeting of a committee of which I was a member for many years, first as secretary and then as churchwarden, so I’ve always had a lot to do. The last two meetings, I’ve taken minutes as well as giving reports on churchwardenish stuff – and now, nothing. Poor lovely Sage hasn’t got out of its clutches – but I HAVE.

There’s another reason too. Home grown veggies. Tonight, we had the first courgette, as well as asparagus and coriander, and radishes that Squiffany grew at school. And the wisteria is beautiful. I’ve just been out to take pictures. Not that we’re going to eat it.

I’ll get pictures up in a day or two. Probably tomorrow, I’ve got a busy day tomorrow. The lovely and wonderful business manager at school has left – it’s a terrific promotion, so can’t begrudge her it but we will really miss her – and we’re interviewing tomorrow. Presentations in the morning and interviews in the afternoon. The School Council are also meeting the candidates.

There have been letters in the papers recently about the thing of getting school pupils involved in the interviewing, but they’ve partly got the wrong end of the stick – and partly, they have a point as it appears that some schools haven’t explained to the students what their brief is. It’s not a talent show, it’s a job interview, but it won’t be their choice, it’ll be down to the governors and Head; who will, nevertheless, look carefully at the students’ findings and use them to back up their own judgement.

It’s normal to involve pupils at our school and they take on the responsibility well. Teaching assistants, for example, work closely with children with learning or behaviour difficulties, so it’s entirely appropriate for them to show the candidates round the school and give their opinions afterwards. It is not at all uncommon for their markings to be much the same as ours. They are often very perceptive.

Anyway, that’s how I’ll spend tomorrow. Tonight, I’ll … oh. I don’t know what I’ll do. Something frivolous.

Oh, another bit of good news. I just got a bank statement. Last month, I spent less than came in, which has to be an excellent sign.

8 comments on “Happy joy

  1. Jennysmith

    Loved Rem and Stimpy, what a lovely reminder. Yes, bring them back.

    Just happened to be passing. hope you didn’t mind me dropping in.

    Jenny Smith x

  2. Z

    Glad that there are so many Ren and Stimpy fans. If there were any more words than “happy happy joy joy”, I’ve forgotten them. They are plenty, after all.

    Mr Micawber tended to the wrong side of the equation though – and we never do, do we, Dave? I’m not always quite so impressively economical as Scarlet though.

    A lone courgette, Sandy, but it won’t be long before we get other things. The asparagus had shot a bit, but we ate the upper parts and the lower stalks were turned into soup tonight.

    Hello Jenny – you’re most welcome. I will certainly return the call, and thanks.


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