Z continues into Uncharted Territory

For those of us who are lifelong Southerners, heading towards the Highlands gives rise to a certain trepidation. I feel that I need to hold on to my seat … I wonder if that was the effect that the prospect of Glasgow had on the young man yesterday?

Today, we’re off to Loch Lomond, via Stirling Castle, and then to Hill House in Helensburgh. I was unimpressed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s house (reproduced) yesterday. You sit on one of those very low, though uncomfortably straight-backed chairs and it would be quite difficult to get up again without help. Appearance over function is not much use in a chair.

However, the Burrell Collection is fantastic. I could spend another day there very happily.

This post is brought to you by Z’s iPhone, from Alistair’s coach, whilst Tom the guide tells us about the Battle of Bannockburn.

10 comments on “Z continues into Uncharted Territory

  1. MOTB

    Stirling castle – more of a house? My childhood weekends were often spent being dragged off to see Norman castles, so now I tend to think the Scottish ones are a bit disappointing.

  2. Z

    I appear to be a born southerner, Dave. I am quite anxious at being way beyond my comfort zone.

    Jill was similarly disappointed by Glasgow cathedral, MOTB. Not a patch on Norwich.

  3. mago

    These chairs are terribly uncomfortable, a friend has some remakes, much too low, and the actual seating too small, made for dwarfs.

  4. Z

    I’m a bit on the short side myself, but not quite dwarfish enough.

    Yes, Chris, though there are few opportunities to slump sullenly on my own. I’m not as convivially-minded as I look. Still, nearly arrived at the National Gallery in Edinburgh now and I will be able to lose myself.

    Something like 350, Rog. Each way.

    There’s certainly something different about it, Ad. Mind you, the road works are timeless and neverending.

  5. Ad

    One other thing re: Charles Renee Mac, whilst his typefaces were impressive, did coming from Scotland’s second city induce over exertion in form over function with his interiors? At least he used a relatively fast growing indiginous hard wood, Ash, although one may consider under utilised that timber’s properties.


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