Z sticks

I was a bit disconcerted this morning. Breakfast arrived and I carefully sat up, took two small nibbles of toast and felt hot, faint, sick and dizzy. I hastily lowered the bed back down and rang for a bowl (sorry), taking the view that it might not be needed but I’d better have it. I stuck my good leg out and asked the nurse to open the window.

It passed, and I did eat, and after another half hour, knowing I was going to get up, I spent some time gradually raising the back of the bed and slowly sitting up. This worked and I didn’t feel faint again.

Weeza came to see me and found me all cheery and animated. A few minutes later, a nurse came to give me a bowl of water to wash myself, and Weeza kindly washed and dried my back. Then the physiotherapist came and helped me out of bed and I was able to walk into the corridor using a frame, and back again. When I was back in bed, the Sage and Ro arrived.

This afternoon, I’ve walked with two sticks and tomorrow I will go further. Most people don’t get on to sticks until the third day, so doing it on day one is good. If all is well, I should tackle stairs on Monday and maybe go home in the afternoon. I feel so much less helpless now I’ve been up, and generally more mobile. I have to be very careful not to twist around and to keep my legs apart, which I suspect will be hard to remember once I’m more recovered but, knowing more than I want to about dislocation, I do appreciate how careful I must be.

It’s misty and dull out. A winter operation is much better than a summer one, where you might miss fine weather. After all, we don’t always get much of it.

I didn’t mention that Dilly picked up our seed order on Tuesday. By the time I’m getting out and about better, it’ll be time to start thinking of sowing seeds.

15 comments on “Z sticks

  1. Dave

    If you’re sowing more peppers this year, may I beg a few again?

    Just had to re-type that. I’d put ‘bed a few’ and that really wouldn’t do. Must be you having to keep your legs apart.

    My Mum’s progress (albeit with a broken hip, not a new one) has been a little slower. But then you are much younger than her.

  2. Z

    I love seed sowing time. I spend happy hours in the greenhouse.

    You’re welcome, Dave. To the plants, that is I’m not going to think of the typos that my legs apart might give rise to.

    I hope your mum is getting on all right now. It is rather a different thing, her situation and mine. And indeed, I am rather younger than your ma, even though I am, of course, much older than you.

  3. luckyzmom

    As I always suspected, you are Wonder Woman! I was at least a week with a walker, maybe two. Have you sat in a chair or on the toilet yet? It took awhile for me to remember to stick my right leg out first…move this this way….don’t move that that way. Like you, I was conscious of the possibility of dislocation and of being a good patient.

  4. Z

    I’m using the toilet. I haven’t sat in the chair yet but I’m going to do that next. I meant to this evening but I was too tired. It’s hard to get much rest when you have to lie in one position.

  5. Pat

    Delighted you are making such excellent progress and you can sit on the loo – oh joy!
    Keep on taking it easy – slow but sure and you’ll get maximum reward.

  6. Z

    No, I can’t do too much because it sends my blood pressure right down and then I feel faint. Because of that, I may well stay in until Tuesday.

    Sorry, Sarah.

    I don’t think I could cope with a sausage, however firm and bursting with flavour, Simon.

    You’ve just got a filthy mind, Badge.


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