Z slaves over a hot Aga

Yeah, well, the recipes for damson jam lie too. The stones do bob up to the top but that doesn’t mean they can just be skimmed off, because the skins bob up too, and some of the pulp is attached to the stones as well.

It’s been a long day and I’m tired. If anyone has the definitive method for dealing with delicious damsons, please let me know.

My cleaners came today, which only happens once a month but it seems to work for me. When I had a cleaner for a couple of hours, twice a week, I didn’t bother with much housework and left it for her. With it being once a month, I’m not so lazy but at least things don’t go too much to pot if I’m really busy.

The fishmonger called and had both squid and monkfish – amongst many other things, of course. I make no attempt to resist temptation of this sort, so bought both. I knew I was buying too much squid but I could hardly ask for just the fabulous tentacles, so I fried those and the right amount of the finely-sliced tubes tonight and will cook the rest in tomatoes in the next couple of days. The monkfish goujons, I don’t know yet. So much choice. I’ll browse a few recipes and then decide. Or just ask Tim, of course.

Tim tells me he has drawn up a to-do list. I’m terribly impressed. Right now, I’ve got a don’t-do list because I’m waiting for 10 o’clock and bedtime. However elderly that is of me, I can hardly wait. A lovely warm bath and clean sheets are all I want right now.

3 comments on “Z slaves over a hot Aga

  1. Blue Witch

    Damsons and Aga – how we do them – put in a big lidded pan in bottom oven and leave until soft. Can be anywhere between 40 minutes and 3 hours, depending on ripeness. Allow to cook.
    Strain through a big colander, set over a big bowl. The bowl catches the juice and a lot of the pulp.
    With new gloves on (latex or rubber), rub the rest of the pulp between yiour fingers, and the stones fall out and can be discarded; more of the pulp/juice falls through the colander holes as you do this.
    Use pulp for jam or chutney.

    Alternatively – make damson jelly as this saves the laborious process of depipping, and frankly, tastes and lasts a lot better (don’t overboil once the sugar is in, we find it sets well, and often well before you think it is ready).

    1. Z Post author

      That’s what I’ve done in the past but it’s such an awful faff. I do like the texture of the skins though.

      I’ve got some skinny pulp left and a few damsons too, and when the elderberries are ripe, I’ll make some hedgerow jam to use them up. It’ll be a week or two, though.


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