Z shows willing

I missed the last few meetings of the village festival committee, but had promised to go to tonight’s, so ambled down to the village pub in good time. I was welcomed cheerily as I went in and settled on a bar stool with my drink, chatting as I waited for the others to arrive. But they didn’t. I got out my papers to check – definitely the right place, date and time. Evidently, something had changed and everyone knew but me.

After an hour, I went home again and sent out an enquiring email and had two apologetic replies from the chairman and secretary. The venue had changed to someone’s house and I’d been missed off the email telling people. Oh well, I showed willing, went out for an hour and had a pleasant time, no harm done.

I’d put my dinner in the oven before remembering about the meeting, in fact, so had taken it out of the top oven (the hot one) and put it in the bottom oven (the warm one) so that it would be cooked slowly by the time I got home and it worked very well. I’d baked a trout en papillote¬†with lemongrass, leek, red pepper, garlic and white wine and ate it with a slice of home-made bread.

On the way home, I met a friend whom I hadn’t talked to for some time, though he and his family live only a few hundred yards away. He walked down the drive with me to continue our conversation for an extra few minutes in fact. He’s a nice man, we’ve always got on well.

This morning, I had been woken by the telephone – just as well, I’d overslept – and it was yet another friend, wanting to call in and see me. ¬†He’s visiting from New Zealand, it was a great pleasure to see him and he’s going to help with sorting out things in the outbuildings.

One way and another, it’s been a friendly day.

3 comments on “Z shows willing

  1. IndigoRoth

    Hey Z, you are a far more social animal than I. Pubs give me the willies, especially solo. And the less said about neighbours, the better. Indigo x

  2. Z Post author

    Well, I was at Liverpool Street Station a few weeks ago and funked barging my way to the bar and getting a drink and went to buy a bottle of wine at M&S instead. But a village pub where I know a few people and everyone included me in a relaxed conversation was really nice. I could be isolated here and I have a suppressed tendency to be a solitary beast. It is not good for me. Friendship is. Simple as that.


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