z has another early night

Al and co have been to Yorkshire for a holiday and arrived home yesterday. They were staying near Whitby – Dracula, I said helpfully, it being about all I know of it – and they’ve had a really good time, being lucky with the weather and all. They came round this afternoon and stayed for tea, I having got some sausages for no apparent (at the time) reason.  I also made Cake.

I’ve been feeling jagged recently and I finally succumbed to a thoroughly early night.  I’m propped up in bed watching Netflix on one iPad and typing on another, which is very useful to be able to do.  When I’ve finished this  I’ll read the papers too – real ones, not an online edition, that being adequate but not as good.

I removed some roses from the flower arrangement I did last week in the church.  The stems had wilted so that they drooped, but the petals were still fresh, so I gave some to the tortoises.  Edweena loves roses and she was very happy.  Tortoises should not be given fruit, but they love flowers.


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