Z brings boxes downstairs

I’ve hit the gin bottle this evening – which is an entirely good thing.  A friend told me, some years ago, that gin is a mood enhancer and, since then, I’ve never risked it when I’m feeling down.  Actually though, I think that could always be said about alcohol.

My NZ friend’s visit has galvanised me into activity.  I have started turning out another attic.  I have a lot of attics, but only two are boarded and suitable for storage, and we dealt with one of them several months ago.  Russell had our gardener take a lot of stuff up to the other one, two or three years ago, to my utter dismay when I found out.

I just broke off there to shout “No, no, no, no, no, no” at the tv as I hurried to turn it off.  Party election broadcast.  UKIP as it happens, but I’m having nothing to do with any of the campaigning, nor the reactions to it.  I hate it and I think people are being horrid.

Anyway, darling Weeza is coming over tomorrow to help me, then I have the solicitor again and then supper with Al, Dilly and co.  My life will settle, I will cope better than I am now, I am coping all right under the circumstances.

There are newts in the pond!  I am thrilled.  I love newts even more than frogs, though it’s a close-run thing.

6 comments on “Z brings boxes downstairs

  1. Roses

    Well, you know what I think of gin. Since my re-discovery of it a couple of years ago, it has been my friend.

    Good to hear things are going well…lol….thank goodness for blogging, otherwise we won’t know what’s going on in each other’s lives!

    Massive love!

  2. sablonneuse

    Hmm, gin, we’ll put that on the shopping list when you come over.
    Good luck with the sorting. Pleased to hear you have help on the way.
    Keep smiling!


  3. Z Post author

    I like gin but I don’t drink it often because I like wine with a meal and two different drinks tends to mean more alcohol overall. I’m comfortable as I am.


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