Z is grateful

I said to Weeza and Graham, I owe my friends and family a debt of gratitude that can’t be repaid and isn’t supposed to be.  Such kindness doesn’t expect reward but I’m immensely thankful for it.

And now I’ve duly held the Bible in my right hand and assured a solicitor that my application for probate is truthful as far as I know, and it’s winging off to HMRC.  In fact, that application doesn’t need the affirmation, it’s once it comes back and is sent off again.  They may need further clarification – HMRC, that is – but if not it should only be a couple of weeks or so.  Then I, or my solicitor, have to start getting things put in my name.  I think I’ve done most of my agonising about that.

I had gone a few miles down the road when I realised I’d left my phone at home, which didn’t really matter except that I was going on to have supper with Al and co afterwards.  They live near Diss, where the lawyer is, so I couldn’t really come back first – and I hadn’t had time to feed the bantams or tortoises before I left – that is, I forgot I wasn’t coming straight back.  And, not having my phone, I couldn’t ring Roses to ask her.  I wasn’t at all sure of my Facebook password to log in at Al’s.  I could have phoned Weeza of course and asked her to, but I’ve only just thought of that.  Anyway, there is usually some chicken food left when I feed them in the afternoon and Gus gave the torts some extra midday snacks, and I refilled all water containers this morning, so they will none of them starve. I do feel bad about it, though.

A lot of the attic has been gone through and a black wheelie bin is full, and a lot of stuff is on the bonfire ready to burn.  Last night, having done a lot yesterday, I slept like a baby – actually, none of mine slept well, but I slept like Zerlina, long and soundly and woke up at 8 o’clock this morning.  Everything that is accomplished is another burden lifted.

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