Z sets out on her Adventure

I’ve got a great big suitcase, which is nearly empty but won’t be tomorrow as it’ll be full of bed. Phil left their inflatable bed and the pump behind, but they’d rather like it back. They also left a rug and a blanket. I’m not sure if they left loo roll, so I’m taking that to be on the safe side.

I know it’s hard for you all, darlings, but you’ll hardly miss me at all, honestly. I’ll be back tomorrow evening,

A slight hiccup when I couldn’t find the spare Oyster card, but then it mysteriously turned up in the drawer where it was supposed to be and where I’d already looked thoroughly. I have also remembered to put in the keys to the flat.

Time to get ready. If you’re at the British Museum this evening (early) or the Chancery restaurant in Cursitor Street (late), do say hello. You’ll know me by my green eye and red handbag. No, they go very well together. And the chap with me is my son.

4 comments on “Z sets out on her Adventure

  1. Z

    I’ll let you know when I’m coming up to town again, Boy, and see if you’re about then.

    Dave, I’m back! Unfortunately, the library is closed, isn’t it? Weeza and Phil’s internet connection isn’t set up yet, so they’ve hooked Phil’s mobile to the computer and can get dial-up that way.

    Thank you, LOM, and you are most welcome.


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