The Housewarming!

Oh, call me a safety first sort of girl. You’d be wrong, but call me it all the same. All the restaurants in London, and I’ve booked one I’ve been to already, because it was divine – really, for a girl from the provinces it was just about perfection – and convenient for where I’m spending the early part of the evening. Also, Ro hasn’t been there and he’ll like it too and I promised to take him for the final part of his birthday present – we like to make birthdays last.

We had a barbecue at Weeza and Phil’s house. We are very full. It was yummy. Phil made burgers, and all oniony and fresh herby they were (meaty too). We took sausages and they did veggie kebabs and corn on the cob. We took the polite strawberries and they had a cheeky chocolate g√Ęteau (do you know, Blogger is such a pedant that it underlines that as incorrectly spelt if you don’t put in the accent).

The baby is due on Thursday. Weeza still feels very cheery and still, from behind, has a waist (although a bigger bum than usual). I assured her that within six months she will have lost all the weight and more. My weight used to drop below 8 stone, I told her truthfully. “You were the perfect size before” said Phil to her, smoothly.

All I have to find now are our train tickets. They are in one of two rooms. It shouldn’t take long. *coughs loudly*

5 comments on “The Housewarming!

  1. Caitlin

    Nothing wrong with taking a bit of care…especially where food is concerned.

    Oh hello Dave, wasn’t I just taking to you over on my blog?

  2. Z

    It’s like shopping in a small town – we keep meeting the same people in different shops.

    I’m afraid the thousand words will have to do, Dave – I will probably have to leave my camera at home for work-related photography by the Sage.

  3. PI

    Glad you are enjoying the summer – there is a lot of gloom and doom around and what a glorious event to come.
    All best wishes for a happy outcome.


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