Z travels heavy

I bought new telephones about three weeks ago. I was fed up that they don’t really do the job too well. Cordless digital phones don’t like our house, presumably because of the thick walls; although maybe because of the spiders and woodlouses inhabiting them. I bought one simple, unelectric corded phone, in case of power cuts – and in view of our 13-hour cut last Friday, that was sensible.

But that’s the only one I’ve plugged in. There are instructions to be read and followed and programming to be done, and the inevitable disappointment when they don’t work in most of the rooms of the house. I’m staving it off. What a little fool I am.

All went very well in London, and I had a lovely time, as did Ro. He thanked me for it when we arrived home, which was perfectly charming and not at all necessary; the company was altogether delighful. We came back with a laden suitcase, which has destroyed my light-travelling credentials (though the Boy can vouch for my usual behaviour. Oh wait, no, that implies he has met me more than once. Well, put it this way, he was surprised that I had no visible hand luggage and was slightly underdressed for November. I think it was November.) and I will have to be ludicrously casual in future to regain them. At that, I left a small rug behind because the case was full and will have to fetch it next time.

It is not impossible that we might have found tenants for the flat, but I’m not counting chickens. I could count eggs though – the Sage picked a great bowlful today. he was woken in the night by a great squawking – sadly, the fox caught one, who was sleeping out, but no more. He’s made every effort to shut them all up tonight, for the beast will be back.

17 comments on “Z travels heavy

  1. Z

    Oh. Well, I wrote earlier, on someone else’s blog, that I don’t do drafts and I only correct obvious typos or nonsense. I don’t even do that, sometimes.

    You’re so sharp eyed, Dandelion.

    I saw all sorts of interesting things today, shall I tell our friends?

  2. Dandelion

    Yes. And that is why your posts make such great reading. Don’t ever change.

    I say yes, if you feel up to it. I had an interesting day too, but I’m having leisure paralysis, so I can’t blog about it.

  3. Z

    Thing is, I can’t do drafts because when I go back to hone them, I notice how trivial they are and delete them. So I just blog and take the mockery, because it makes me chuckle.

  4. jAMiE

    I’m a bit of a gadget geek myself..i love new phones ..corded..cordless..pdas…all of them. My problem is, i can’t read instrucktions and understand them these days so i just have to plug them in and learn by trila and error. Kind of a pain but i get the hang of it sooner or later.

    Sorry for any typos…my brain, ya know.

  5. LOM

    Thank you, I have just been reading some of your old posts, and now know what I am getting my mother and father -in-law for christmas. A fruit basket.

  6. Z

    Jamie, I make just as many typos, Some of them get corrected but, as Dandelion pointed out, I still make mistakes. It’s lovely to hear from you.

    I think that setting up new gadgets is what children are for.

    LOM – hah! A convert. Splendid.

  7. Z

    I wasn’t quite meaning the same thing when I referred to mistakes as wehn I aid typos. That is, I usually correct the typos but I may not norice the mistakes because I know what I mean and read it in the sense I mean it, or just don’t notice. Sometimes of course, you or others wilfully misinterpret whet I mean when I was quite clear anyway.

    Cup and candle are in pride of place in front of me Right Now. I m extremely pleased with tem.

  8. Blue Witch


    You *mustn’t* use that word ending with an x!

    You must show them proper respect and call them Mr Bushy Tail(s) or they scoff even more of your children. Or hens in your case, because you call other things children.

  9. Z

    Thank you, dear Dand. I’m glad you’re pleased.

    If I catch one of the sandy-whiskered gentlemen, BW, the only respect I’ll show it is with the heaviest implement to hand.


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