Z seems to have bedeye, too

I think I’m cracking up. I just discovered I didn’t put in my lens again today. Again, I didn’t notice all day.

I’m going to bed.

6 comments on “Z seems to have bedeye, too

  1. Dandelion

    Maybe so, but if you remember, this isn’t the first (or even the second) time this has happened to you. Think back a year or so. Seems par for the course to me.

  2. Z

    This tells me several things – that I describe in far too much detail the minutiae of a very dull life and that I have been falling apart for quite some time among them.

    I am sunk into misery.

  3. Dandelion

    If it was either too dull or too detailed, do you think that we all would keep coming back? You’re a national treasure, z, falling apart notwithstanding.

  4. Z

    Then I think I’ll change my name to Sutton, so that people can say “Sutton Who?” and we’d all chortle like mad (except people who’ve never heard of Sutton Hoo of course, on whom the joke would fall flat). And Dave is very often right, don’t you think? And thank you, dear heart. You always think of the most charming thing to say.


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