Z is out of it, but sociable

There’s no good reason for me to be strangely comforted by getting a migraine today as well as yesterday, except the thought that maybe I’m a bit below par and that accounts for my forgetfulness. I was helping Al in the shop at the time so didn’t say anything, just popped over to the chemist and bought some Migraleve. I usually have them with me but used the last ones yesterday.

I also went to Wightmans and bought some new fingerless gloves. It took me several years of serving in an unheated shop with the door open to succumb, but by last year I couldn’t take it any more. I trotted along to the Chocolate Box to introduce myself to the new owners. It’s good being related to Al, as everyone likes him and so his relatives get an immediate welcome.

On my way home, I went into the bank to see if the rent for the flat has been paid in yet. It hasn’t. Boo. Not that I’m vastly bothered as most of it will go straight out in a cheque to the agents, who also kept the whole of the first month’s rent. So the slower they pay it to me, the longer they’ll wait for the rest of their fee. Having spent quite a lot on various necessary checks and upkeep, I’m hoping to break even round about the end of the year.

I’m going to have the pleasure of Squiffany and Pugsley’s company this afternoon. I might suggest making soup. Nice warm job for a chilly afternoon.

Just had a call to remind me I’m down to do refreshments for next Tuesday’s WI. Indeed, I haven’t forgotten and have been considering the menu for several days. No cup of tea and a biscuit for us. It takes up to three people to prepare a sumptuous array of snacks sufficient for 30 or so people. I usually skip dinner on WI nights so that I can do justice to it all.

10 comments on “Z is out of it, but sociable

  1. Blue Witch

    Might the migraine be relatd to the lack of contact lens? Extra visual stress, even unnoticed…

    It takes 3 of our Nice Ladies to just make tea or coffee and open 2 packs of Value biscuits… There’s a glass washer in the hall that they could use to wash the cups and saucers, but they don’t like ‘new-fangled things’ so they also spend half an hour washing up. Why?

  2. Z

    We made leek, potato and celery soup, which wasn’t ready to eat by the time they left but they were still proud of themselves.

    It could be, BW, although I don’t usually have a problem when I deliberately leave my lens out.

    I have no idea why your Nice Ladies wash up when they could use a washer. We wouldn’t. Our ages range from 30s to 80s – maybe the average is a bit younger than most WIs.

  3. Id Entity

    I bought some fingerless gloves this week as well! Mine are wool and angora, in pink and cream and brown stripes, and they have mitten-tops. I feel cosy just thinking about them.

  4. Z

    I bought some very plain and sensible navy blue ones. The shop did have some rather dashing stripy ones, but I thought they wouldn’t go with potatoes and it would be a pity to spoil them.

    I have to remember to take some full-fingered gloves in my pocket to wear on the way home, as my fingertips get cold on the bike.

  5. luckyzmom

    You are an inspiration. I have decided to make soup for my supper. (I would ordinarily say dinner, but supper and soup go together better’) I think) And it shall be bacon, onion, potato (a fav) and celery. I will have it with a small salad of Romaine and a grilled cheese sandwich…. perhaps a sip of Spatlese.

  6. Z

    We had the soup for supper (you’re right, one has to sup on a substantial soup!) with cheese and herb scones and a glass of sherry.

    I find it best not to let a migraine get the upper hand and to treat it dismissively. I’m fortunate in not getting the awful 3-day sort, but time was when I had to retire to bed.

  7. Caitlin

    You’ve inspired me too….I think I should get some migraine relief and keep them on hand, better to have them and never need them than need them not have them (as happened on Thursday/Friday).

    Soup sounds good, it’s a soup day here today, thunder and lightening and lots of lovely rain.

  8. Z

    I promise you, it made all the difference to me – also, the time when I just hadn’t time for a migraine and took the pills and just carried on regardless, and found that I could. Now, I say I haven’t time to be ill and it works. It wouldn’t if I had the worst sort, but thank god I don’t.


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