Z has bedhair

Oh dear, it’s true. The phone rang very early this morning and the Sage answered. It was a wrong number, but the caller could hardly be convinced. “What number are you after?” asked the Sage. “Well, this is 2468”. The man had meant to dial 9478 – that is, he’d inverted one number, got another wrong and switched them over. Easily done, if you’re a local, I suppose (I don’t use ‘local’ there in a complimentary manner). I was far too indolent to get up early, lay there until I should and then promptly went back to sleep. I was woken by a knock on the door. I put on a dressing-gown in a modesty-preserving way and opened the window. The postman clutched a parcel which needed to be signed for.

I was impressed. I only ordered the things yesterday and I only paid for normal postage, not first class or recorded, but that’s what I got. Indeed, I’ll give them a mention on the strength of it – Liz Earle.

So, after signing for the parcel, hurrying to get dressed and getting on with things, it was only as I’d put on my face that I realised I forgot to wash my hair. So I’ll spend the rest of the day looking as if I’ve only just got out of bed. Oh dear.

10 comments on “Z has bedhair

  1. Z

    It takes a high level of gorgeousness to get away with it though. Not that I said I’m looking unattractive, but that I’ve just got out of bed…

  2. PI

    I agree with Barry although I’m more twice a week. One must be green you know and it was unheard of way back.
    The more you wash your hair the more you stimulate the oil glands so it can give you dank, greasy hair. Not everyone agree I’m sure.

  3. Z

    Every other day suits my hair best, but it depends on what I’ve been doing and where I am – it gets dirtier in London and is lank if I don’t wash it every day.


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