Z resolves to be a Stoic

I’ll explain why I’m stubbornly reluctant to go to the doctor again at present, just so you’ll know I’m not simply being silly.

What do you go for?

1 Diagnosis
2 Advice
3 Treatment/drugs
4 Cure

1 I know what the problem is. Arthritis. The sciatica is a by-effect of it.

2 To slow down the onset of arthritis, lose weight, take exercise. I’ve taken and am taking this advice.

3 Take painkillers as required. Don’t try to be too brave about this, they have an anti-inflammatory effect so will help relieve the symptoms as well as alleviate the pain. This I am doing. I don’t care to take them all the time, but I am at present (just swigged one down with a gulp of wine).
Go to the physiotherapist for specific advice and exercises. I have been for the last few weeks and have another appointment next week.
Use a walking pole for rough terrain or walking any distance. Thanks to Badgerdaddy, I do.

4 It can’t be cured, but the affected joint can, in due course, be replaced. It’s better not to have that done yet if possible as it will wear out in a decade or two and the second operation will be more complicated. The operations are continuing to improve and it could well be that in a few years time a considerable advance will have been made in techniques, giving a better result and long-term prognosis.

He can say nothing more, so there’s no point in going. What I can go for is to say it’s more than I feel able to bear and I’d like to be referred to a consultant. But I’m not ready to say that, because it wouldn’t be true. I know that the consultant would not operate yet, and I don’t want an operation at this time. Like a filled, capped or veneered tooth, a replacement isn’t as strong or good as the original used to be. It’s not something to enter into lightly.

If I keep getting recurrent attacks of sciatica, and especially if they come on so painfully as it did the other evening, I’ll go to the doctor. But there’s no point right now (actually, there won’t be anyway unless it’s to ask to talk to a specialist). He can’t help and he’d think I was making a fuss. I’m willing to make a fuss if I’m right, but I know I would be asking for something he’s not able to do and I couldn’t look him in the eye and deny I know that. Right now, I’m better asking the physiotherapist for advice, because he’ll be better placed to give it to me.

11 comments on “Z resolves to be a Stoic

  1. Anonymous

    everyone means well but you feel nagged eh? i don’t want to join in but when you say, “replacement not as good or strong as original used to be”, how bobbins you think the replacement would be??

    i was pretty shocked when i saw you coming throuh holding baby & teatray yesterday- i had no idea or would’ve taken one or both for you. stoic’s one thing but really me!

    take more care mum, the kids don’t need carrying or bouncing & let us carry trays etc. get someone else to shift furniture in the church and ask the hosts of meetings to provide a low chair or foot stool. m’kay?!

    i’ll pipe down now. look forward to seeing you tomorrow & i won’t bash on then! xx

  2. Z

    No, I don’t feel nagged because you’re all being lovely and I’m not one to complain about being cared about. I’m explaining why I’m not taking sensible advice, because it’s only fair.

    Well, when Grandma fell and dislocated her new hip, her own bone wouldn’t have dislocated. Artificial hips do, much more easily, and when they need to be replaced it’s necessary to remove more bone. I’m thinking ahead 20 years to when I’m going to be a real nuisance (as if, I know, as if…)

    I picked the tray up and would have put it down again if I couldn’t manage it. Tonight, i brought through the wine bottle and sent little bro and dad for the food.

    I’ve got to sort out the foot-raising thing, I could have done with it this afternoon. There was a meeting of 60 or 70 people in a private meeting-hall hired for the occasion. I couldn’t get anything to put my feet on but it meant I had to be on tip-toe all the time as I had papers on my knees.

    Cheers, darling. Bash on all you like. You’ll be right, as we both know – except when I am. XX

  3. Anonymous

    and i seem to have scared off your usual bloggistas. blimey!

    of course we’re right, nothing more to be said ;-P


  4. ad

    I’ve heard of a less invasive style of treatment where the existing joint is ‘capped and/or coated’ instead of complete replacement.

  5. Z

    Yes, but my understanding is that the operation is just as much a major one with a similar recovery time, and that it doesn’t last nearly as long as a full hip replacement. It’s a relatively new operation too, so the technique is sure to improve. I think there’s a lot of work currently going on in the development of joint replacements and I hope that by the time I need one it’ll be better still.

  6. martina

    I don’t think it is sciatica, that is usually the back of the leg-following the sciatic nerve. You have what my mother refers to as–well I can’t write what she says..but basically arthritis pain that comes up when you least expect it and hurts like h e doubletoothpicks. Stay fit because when and if you do the hip surgery, you will have a quicker recovery time if your muscles are strong.

  7. Caitlin

    You’re a woman after my own heart Z, with the same views on doctor’s visits and taking medication with wine.

    You also seem exceedingly sensible and perfectly capable of making decisions about when you need medical intervention.

  8. Z

    Well, I’m not sure what it was to start with as it was at the front, but I think it inflamed the sciatic nerve. It results from the arthritis so naming it isn’t the thing that matters.

    I’m sorry to say that I’m boringly sensible.


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