Z has Accreditation

A long training session today – safer recruitment, it’s the post-Bichard enquiry school training for teachers and governors*. Since I take part in staff interviews and the governors are responsible anyway for ensuring that the school does everything correctly, I thought I should do it, but it was 6 hours, all afternoon and half the evening. There was a test at the end and I’ll get a graded accreditation – sustificate and all!!(!) A = 100%, D = 75% and I think I’ll be somewhere in between, no lower. Anyway, it was quite demanding of attention. Fortunately, the chairs were the right height and comfortable, so I didn’t suffer in that respect.

Tomorrow, Squiffany and Pugsley in the morning and then to Bury for a meeting, then the children again for an hour, and that’s another week gone.

The insurance company didn’t ring back, so evidently they can’t come up with a better quote and reckoned they wouldn’t bother to tell me. Okay, I’ll go elsewhere. I must do it by the weekend though, as my insurance runs out on Sunday night. Remind me darlings, won’t you?

It’s Thursday, so it must be Dexter. Jolly good. Time to finish my wine and read the paper first.

See you tomorrow. Well, if you’re not too busy.

*You’ll remember the young girls who were murdered by the school caretaker who, it transpired, had been suspected of dodgy behaviour which hadn’t been proved so didn’t show up on police files, it’s the enquiry which followed that which has given rise to extra safeguards in staff recruitment. Of course, there is always a first time for any abusive person, but it’s not only about careful recruitment but also ongoing good practice.

13 comments on “Z has Accreditation

  1. sablonneuse

    Well, obviously you have to be careful when employing people to work with children but however strict the rules sometimes they will be thwarted. I’m sure you have done very well in your ‘exam’ but I do believe commonsense is far more important and I bet you have plenty of that.
    Do take notice of your aches and pains if they occur again – and see a doctor. We can’t have you laid up!

  2. Z

    It’s getting better, HDWK, thank you.

    I answer to anything, including ‘oi you’ or ‘thing’, Dand.

    Remind me again, Dave, I haven’t time just now.

    We didn’t have a test paper first or anything, Dot. They are very tough on poor governors.

  3. badgerdaddy

    Dexter as in the TV series about the blood spatter analyst who kills and stuff?

    I’ve not seen it, is it any good? I read three of the books and thought they were really funny. Then a lady on the train asked if I watched the show (I had the book with me), and I said no, but I asked her if it was particularly funny, as the books are very. She looked at me like I was mental, and said no, the show is not funny in the least.

    Ah well.

    In other news, I HAVE A NEW MAC. It’s not all fired up yet, but it’s sitting behind me looking gorgeous even in its box. I even got a new desk to put it on… Oh, it’s just lovely. If only I could afford the £2,000 or so to put new work software on it.

  4. PI

    I’ve heard good thing about Dexter. For sheer sleazy horror ‘Red Riding’ takes some beating – I turned to the cross-word in despair and hasn’t Sean Bean let himself go.

  5. Z

    I’ve not read the books, but I’m meaning to. Yes, it’s very funny. The opening sequence alone has Ro and I in happy giggles. I can’t imagine who wouldn’t see the humour – not that it’s overtly played for laughs.

    I haven’t done the insurance, but thank you, please nag me again tomorrow.


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