Z hurt and sort of wanted to tell someone :-(

I looked after the children for a bit this evening, while Dilly was out maths tutoring. They were adorable and all went fine. They were both cuddled on my lap watching Nanny McPhee when their mother came home, and she said that she had seen Al’s van parked outside the Chinese takeaway, so dinner would be served as soon as he came home. The Sage was cooking our dinner.

Al arrived and Squiffany went to help lay the table. I’m not sure what happened after that, but I reached for something, Pugsley still on my right knee, and suddenly I had the most excruciating pain just where the thigh bone’s connected to the … hip bone. At the front, not at the side where the hip actually is. I waited for a second for it to ease but it didn’t and it was unbearable. I lurched to the right, and Pugsley and I fell sideways on to the sofa, and I said “sorry darling, I had to roll over”. Pugsley wasn’t at all hurt and laughed – “Granny fell over, we both fell over!” He got off the sofa and I lay there, the pain diminishing but I didn’t quite feel able to move.

I really rather wanted to cry with the pain, although the time for that was past. Dilly asked if I needed a hand up, but I just wanted to rest for a minute. I didn’t want to make a *thing* of it, and I didn’t know what I would be making a thing of anyway. Eventually, I cautiously got up, and then I went home. My leg still hurts; at the front top of my thigh, my knee and my shin all the way down to my foot, but I’m used to that. The specific pain has diminished although its effect is still there. I don’t know what I did to cause it and so I don’t know how not to have it happen again. I’m sorry to go on about it, but darlings, you are the ones who get to hear what I have to tell someone but don’t want to make a fuss here – I have described it to the Sage, as far as I can … how do you describe something that has never happened before, that once the experience is over it’s hard to explain? It hurt immensely, but not as a sharp pain, a dull pain or an ache. It was acute, agonising, but not exactly sharp, more overwhelming. Anyway, he was very sympathetic and immediately opened a bottle of wine, but he can’t feel it, so can’t know, which made him get all worried and he wanted to help but didn’t quite know how.

Half a bottle didn’t do a thing, by the way, and painkillers have been taken.

It hailed surprisingly hard this afternoon. I took a brolly against the hail when I went through to the children, but a few minutes later it hammered down. I took a dish to the door and held it out and it was half an inch deep in seconds. The children were fascinated and held the little balls of ice. “Frozen rain!” they said. When it was going to melt, I tipped it into a pot of hyacinths.

34 comments on “Z hurt and sort of wanted to tell someone :-(

  1. Z

    What’s he to say? Keep taking the tablets, do your exercises, see the consultant? It’ll be put right with a new hip, but not for a few years yet – that is, earlier than that is not a good outcome.

  2. Z

    How are you? Haven’t heard from you for ages! Yes, I’ll do so if it happens again, and I’ll mention it to the physiotherapist next week anyway.

  3. Malc

    I sympathise. My long-standing wonky knee is having a knock-on effect in my hip. It’s well worth bending the doc’s ear about it.

  4. Z

    Yes, with me the hip hurts the knee. Ain’t it a bugger? Thanks for the sympathy. I’m okay now. Alcohol and ibuprofen have done the trick and I’ll be cautious for a bit.

  5. martina

    Can you call your physio to get advice before your appointment? If not call your doctor’s office. Intermittent use of ice or a heating pad might help (whichever feels best) Just make sure to not put ice on the back of your knee-where the veins are close to the surface.

  6. badgerdaddy

    The only thing I am aware of that goes from the hip to the foot is the sciatic nerve, and pinching that produces a unique and horrible pain. Could be what you’ve done. But pain with that usually – not always though – but usually, I believe, starts in the buttock.
    If it is that, it will be inflamed, so ibuprofen is definitely the way to go. That’ll sort any inflammation and help with the pain, at least.

  7. Chairwoman of the bored

    Something similar happened to me the other week, only it was the shoulder.

    The pain killers, unfortunately, didn’t do a lot of good, but I am extremely lucky to have the services of Katy’s personal trainer who is helping me achieve better mobility, and he s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d my arm (which was excrutiating at the time), and it was greatly improved when he’d finished.

  8. Z

    I think you’ve got it, Badgerdaddy, although it was in the front, since then the back of the thigh has been painful. Unique and horrible is right. My knee hurt all night (this is only a referred pain, I have not damaged it) and I got up at 3 am and found a pillow to put under it, which helped. I’ll keep taking the ibuprofen for the next few days – it’s not the hip joint, which is the main thing. No nasty cracking or clicking.

  9. Anonymous

    ouch! am bringing diclofenac with me for u to try… naughty weeza sharing meds, but they are good for arthritic things as well as recovering from forceps delivery, and you have a much stronger stomach than i. they’re anti-inflammatories.

    will be on way as soon as girlie wakes up xx

  10. Z

    Aw – Al came in during the evening to see how I was. My children do look after me.

    True, I have a strong stomach. I may have been an ostrich or possibly a cow in a previous life.

  11. Wink

    Stop mucking about and go and see the doctor – I’ll ring you VERY SOON and see if you’ve made an appointment – you have been warned!

  12. Z

    Love, he’ll tell me it’s sciatica and to take painkillers and give it a couple of weeks, and to go back if it’s not getting better. I can do that without being told it.

  13. Z

    Apart from the few moments when it happened, I’m all right. It’s just inflamed and it’ll get better in a few days. I’ve had years of this, remember, and sometimes with the bursitis it was much worse. I just carried a tray with three mugs of tea in one hand and a baby on the other hip, with no problem.

  14. Dave

    My physio gave me an exercise for my sciatica, but I’m not going to suggest it will work for you – you need an expert to sort you out.

  15. Z

    Serendipity, were you a fan of Round the Horne?

    I promise I’ll tell the physiotherapist. And thanks again. Wink, my reply seems to have been swallowed. It was on the lines of if you know what it is and that the initial treatment is anti-inflammatory painkillers, that’s what I’d suggest you’d take. It wasn’t urgent enough to alter my plans for today or tomorrow, both of which days are filled with appointments, and so if I need an appointment next week, I’ll make one. I hope that by Monday it’ll be a lot better.

  16. Penny

    Z, you need to get that pain looked at. That goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway. Don’t let it go.

    And, I Loved that you used the awesome frozen rain to fortify the roots of the hyacinths. It’s the little things, isn’t it. You’re such a good and thoughtful woman. 🙂

    ps. thankyou for stopping by CWO, your love and support are always appreciated. It helps. xo

  17. Z

    Oh yes, cold wet weather (otherwise known as English weather, though that’s quite unfair, as you’ll know if you’ve been to Northern France, Belgium, Ireland etc) is the worst. I was loads better last summer, dismal as the weather was, and took a marked downturn in October.


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