Z has a productive evening

I have bought my car insurance, a whole two days and two hours before the current insurance runs out.

I have paid almost exactly half (35p less would be exactly half, to be exact) the quote I was sent in the post by my present insurance company.

This means I have saved £200 and I see no reason not to spend it. I probably won’t of course (I don’t often go shopping), but I can if I want to, because I had £400 in reserve for car insurance and I’ve only spent £200.

My tenant has paid last month’s rent (he may have paid this month’s too, but I haven’t been notified of that yet). This means that I have told Ro that he may select a new television for my approval. He asked how much I was willing to spend and I hazarded a sum, having little idea what to say, and he said that was quite a lot. I said he didn’t have to spend it all.

Anyway (do you ever notice how often I write ‘anyway’? Frequently, I’m well aware, which doesn’t stop me) thank you for reminding me about the insurance. I feel all calm and cheerful now.

4 comments on “Z has a productive evening

  1. Z

    Frankly, I was irritated by the necessity. It was a complete pain taking a whole evening filling out forms and I preferred it when Steve the agent came round and did it all for me. It was after they dispensed with his services that their prices hiked so much.

    I’ve never equated cheap with value, and if they’d phoned me back as they promised, I’d probably have stayed with them.

    In short, satisfaction at an effective result, but no enjoyment.


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