Z knows her limits

The Sage approached me, bearing a tilted bottle of wine and raising his eyebrows. I said I’d had enough to drink.

Remarkable. Yes, I know.

Actually, I had a particularly stubborn migraine this morning. When it started, with the jagged sparkling circle at the side of my vision, I took pills at once, which usually deal with it almost in time to stop the headache. They did, but the aura recurred for several more hours, which was a vast nuisance. As a result, Weeza did all the photography for the catalogue and website. Later, she and the Sage did the condition report, a responsibility I found it harder to relinquish. It’s good for me to do so though. Let go, that is.

I took £200 out of the bank, but I’ve only bought food, wine and stuff for the church. I somehow think my saved money is destined not to be spent on me. Actually, quite a lot of it is to be spent on the flat. Unheralded, a new regulation was brought in at the end of last year that rented accommodation has to have a check on its energy rating. This is no use at all, but has to be done, at a cost of £115+VAT. I’m all in favour of checks on electricity and gas, because too many tenants have died because of unsafe electrical wiring or fume leakage, but this is pointless nonsense. However, it has to be done.

The reason for the migraine is probably a phone call I had this morning. I was relaxing in bed, having worked out my plan of action for the day, and having decided I could stay there and read until 9 o’clock. My 91-year-old friend phoned to thank me for having done some typing for her, and wanting me to check some details on the computer. “You’re not too busy?” she enquired politely. ‘No, I was just having a lie-in because it’s Saturday and therefore the only day of the week I can, and it’s only 8.45’ I thought, but could hardly say. It’s not good for me though, dashing around first thing. I’m better getting up slowly and pottering for a bit.

Ro was talking to Phil about televisions – he’s been to a couple of showrooms to have a look. I’m so glad he’s doing it for me. It would bore me stiff.

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