Z receives a query

A good friend has sent me an email, wondering why her recent comments haven’t been published.  I’ve written back apologising, and saying that, simply, I don’t know.  I’ll make it clear – I have never barred anyone (I don’t know how and I don’t need to know how) and I’ve never deleted any comment unless it’s clearly spam.  Indeed, I’ve even left the odd spam if it’s amused me.

Sometimes, spam is posted repeatedly on old posts, which is a nuisance for people who’ve left comments and receive updates, as well as for me, so I do have comment moderation on for posts over 20 days old, and I check it every so often, but not necessarily weekly.  But it’s not deleted until I know that it’s not from a friend, and I give the benefit of the doubt if there is any.

Indeed, darlings, you can be as rude as you like to me, and I’ll take it on the chin and won’t be offended.  Like punching jelly it is, insulting me.  For a start, you’re probably right, and anyway, it’s a free country (ish) and your opinion is as valid as mine.  I’m not so keen when my friends disagree – I mean, disagreement is fine as long as it doesn’t get personal, but if you’ve ever noticed my anxious attempts at peacemaking between friends who are having a spat, you’ve probably been amused.  I’d aim to peacemake, but I’d still only delete a comment if it were really offensive, and then I’d tell you and explain why.  Swearing is fine, by the way.  Preferably not at someone, however.  That isn’t really on, is it?

Anyhoo, back to the Life of Z.  BTW, do you love Life of Pi or wonder why anyone likes it? – such a wonder is only valid if you read it all, I will add.  I lolled.  Okay l(ed)ol, when the boat touched land and it explained everything.

We drove to Kent for lunch a week ago – it was a long and hot drive for lunch, but we had a good time with old friends.  The Sage expansively invited them back when they’re in this direction for our sale in -eeek!  – eleven days time.  Should that have an apostrophe?  Probably.  Pfft.

Anyway, the thing is, the room our china, small collection as it is compared to theirs, is in is a room that he has taken over with Stuff.  Honestly, I never go in there.  There’s (this is embarrassing) a double bed that was used once, for guests at Weeza’s wedding, which was five years ago.  It is now, as I found a while ago, used as a table.  Honestly, my lovely Sage is even more untidy than I am, by a long, long way.

So, I tackled him this evening, asking in the politest way possible how he’s getting round this situation.  Truly, no one is going in this room.  Barely me.  So, we have negotiated a solution.  I was so polite and tentative, you wouldn’t recognise me.  “I’m not nagging, really”.  “No, I know” – I’m so entitled to nag.  But, you know, he’s sort of perfect in my eyes.  That is, who wants anyone who’s better than they are?

This reminds me of someone – well, sometwo.  A young Indian couple I used to know.  Both lovely.  He was especially delightful and everyone loved him.  I did, everyone did, young and old.  He was totally, genuinely, lovely.  He desperately wanted to marry her – but she held back.  She was besotted too, but she had a practical bent.  “Thing is,” she said, “he’s perfect.  If we have a row, everyone will side with him.  I can’t match up.  He’s completely genuine, but he’s perfect and I’m not.”  It was true.

I knew her family and not his, so I haven’t kept in touch.  She married someone else in the end, I do hope he’s found someone who adores him as he deserves – which is no criticism of his former girlfriend.  Perfection is hard to live up to.  So, I make sure that the Sage doesn’t have to.  Heh. But nor do I.  Which is fine.

If your comments haven’t been published, do let me know.  I’m so sorry – it isn’t me.  I don’t actually know what the problem is, but I’ll ask Blogger.

16 comments on “Z receives a query

  1. Z

    Oh darling, so did I. And so did Ro, who trusted me to persevere through the beginning – which entertained me – when he was juggling three religions.

    Gosh you’re quick. I haven’t even had the email notification yet.

  2. Dandelion

    I read it. I thought it was ok until I got to the end, then I realised it was shit. Was I wrong?

    I bet Ro could juggle with religions if he felt like it. I reckon he’d be a good juggler.

    ps I’ve never punched jelly, but I imagine it would be quite fun.

  3. Dave

    I’ve just had an e-mail notification that Roses had comented at my blog, but when I went to the blog, the comment wasn’t there.

    Perhaps one of your campaigning readers (or someone with a bit of time on their hands) could take this censorship up with blogger.

  4. Roses

    I can’t always remember if I’ve left a comment on someone’s blog…I put it down to my frazzled brain rather than Blogger playing up, yet again.

    I think I see what you mean about being with someone you think is perfect…I don’t know, but would love to have the opportunity to find out.

    Are you saving me those frogs to kiss when I get back?

  5. allotmentqueen

    I loved it. Right from early on in the book. Must read it again sometime. I chose it as my favourite book when asked for one of those stupid ‘memorable answers’ for security questions. (Stupid because it implied your choice would never change and therefore you’d remember the answer.)

  6. Z

    I’ve had email notification of several comments that aren’t here – evidently, Blogger is having problems. I’ll have a look at their help line to see if other people are talking about it too. Sorry folks – it’s a breakdown rather than their or my censorship!

  7. Z

    Not wrong at all, Dandelion – it does seem to be a book that polarises opinion. I’d enjoyed reading it, but was wondering, after all the fantastical things that were happening, however the writer would end it. And then, with one bound, he got himself out of trouble and revealed the whole thing as a shaggy dog story. I thought that was very funny and literally did laugh out loud as I read it.

    Ro could indeed juggle religions. I have a lot of confidence in his abilities.

    Roses, Dave says that you’re off today. I’ll pop over now to wish you a safe journey.

    I said that you raise the tone, Badge, didn’t I.

  8. Z

    AQ, aren’t those questions silly? Especially if next time they just ask for the answer to your question, without telling you what the question was, when in one place you’ll have put your first pet, another your favourite book, another your place of birth…of course you can’t remember.

    Glad others like the book. I must reread too.

    Of course, clicking publish twice sometimes gets two comments. Nowadays, if a comment hasn’t gone through after a minute, I check my emails – if it isn’t there, I click again.

  9. Dandelion

    Well, I hoped that I didn’t understand the ending, because a shaggy dog story would be an insult to the reader, after putting us through all that. I thought it was left ambiguous at the end, and therefore found it very unsatisfying, and anger provoking.

    Never mind Life of Pi, Life of Poo, more like.


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