The trouble with writing a post in the morning is, everything happens later in the day

The house and slide combo is no end of a success.  Zerlina is thrilled and spent a long time playing on it.  They all came over here this morning and Phil and the Sage set off to a village near Stansted airport, so a good long way.  Al and family had gone off to a car boot early – probably saw Rog but they don’t know each other to say hello.  They got home in good time, because Al had promised to show a friend how to put together his first beehive – he’s letting him have his spare colony, too.

Dilly gave us lunch and then Al asked cryptic questions about what I’d read in yesterday’s Times.  I’d only read the main part of the paper and I couldn’t find what he meant.  He had to show me in the end – if you have it, it’s inside the Weekend section, the pull-out called Weekend Food.  There’s a section on 70 top local food shops, and Al’s is in there – page 13, the first one under Suffolk.  The shops featured are offering £5 off £20 spent with 3 Times vouchers.  This will actually sort of wipe out Al’s profit on anyone who does it, but on the other hand the publicity is free.  I suppose the vouchers will be there every day until 16th July.

Weeza and Phil were planning a barbecue for this evening, so suggested that the Sage and I joined them – I had some steak in the fridge for tonight’s dinner, so their sausages for two and our steak for two made enough for all.  I picked salad and took a bottle of wine from the fridge too.  As I said, Zerlina was extremely happy with her little house, and played in it while Phil and the Sage put together the rest, then they put the house on the platform, added the stairs and slide and she spent the next couple of hours going up the steps, in and out of the house and down the slide, a big smile on her face.

Weeza just phoned to say that z went straight to sleep and it looks as if Phil is ready for bed too.  I suspect that the Sage won’t be far behind.  I’ve just woken him up – going to sleep at 9.30 at night in your armchair means you’ll be awake at 2am.

I spent most of the afternoon proof-reading a 48-page document for the Head.  Actually, I haven’t quite finished.  But I’m stopping now anyway because I can’t concentrate any longer.

11 comments on “The trouble with writing a post in the morning is, everything happens later in the day

  1. Dave

    Hurrah!! on the top shop. Did one, though (he asks cynically, albeit knowing that Al got his place on merit) only get to be a top shop if one agreed to accept the £5 off vouchers?

  2. Z

    it is indeed part of the promotion, but Al was invited to participate. We have decided that he was personally chosen by Jamie Oliver. Not that he’s ever been a customer.

  3. Z

    Well, everyone who comments here is the crème de la crème. You all raise the tone of this blog no end. So it does seem quite possible.

  4. Marion

    Oh my, I had no idea I was raising any tone. I shall try to wear better or more clothes when I comment. Temp here today was 95 F.

  5. Z

    You are two who honour me by your presence. And, in saying that I’d never noticed your potty mind, Roses, I wonder what that says about mine.

  6. badgerdaddy

    Well, I did say that Al’s shop was the reason I moved to Yagnub, and it’s true. I thought any place with a shop like that must be good.

    And I don’t raise any tone, unless you count the horrified shrieks that accompany my entrance.


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