Write early, write often

The decapitation took four hours, yesterday.  Although when it came to it, a lot more brambles lost their heads than thistles.  Yes I know, they were nicely in bud and would have been full of blackberries in a couple of months, but it was starting to become hazardous to come through the gate in the dark.

Weeza and Zerlina are going to spend the morning here, while Phil and the Sage go off to deepest Essex to pick up an edifice – with a platform, with steps up and a slide down, and a playhouse –  which has been bought on eBay for z’s birthday.  The Sage and Al built a similar construction a couple of years ago for Squiffany and Pugsley; although the Sage already had the wood for it, some of it was soft wood and he reckons that buying enough hardwood for it would cost at least £200 and the slide was £80 – the equivalent now, new, costs £400 and they got it for less than half that, so it looks good value.  As long as it can be deconstructed, brought back and put together again.  It isn’t Zerlina’s birthday for another six weeks, but I don’t expect they’ll wait that long – the summer will be nearly over by then.

Next weekend is the village festival, complete with fête and beer tent.  Well, strictly speaking, beer village hall.  In the church, there will be a photographic competition – actually, Dave should enter that.  There are decent cash prizes.

11 comments on “Write early, write often

  1. Z

    You don’t have to be. It’s £1 entry for the large photo comp, (up to A3 + mount) which is judged by a professional photographer, for which there’s a £40 first prize, £25 second, £15 third, and 50p entry for the snapshot competition, which is marked on votes by the public – prizes for that are £20, £15 and £10. No limit on number of entries.

  2. Z

    Ooh, and then you could come to the fête (beer drinking not obligatory) and some of my friends could meet you. They would love it. I could buy you a cup of tea and possibly a piece of cake.

  3. Dave

    Unfortunately I’m already fully committed next Saturday (as I’ve already mentioned to you). Is it on on Sunday too – I could bring my mother?

    Do photos need labelling in anyway? If we’re bricklaying before Wednesday I may bring a few over.

  4. Z

    So you have. The fête doesn’t carry on to Sunday, but the photo exhibition in the church does, and there will be tea in the church rooms. With cake. From 11-5, and then there’s an extremely informal service at 5, which you don’t need to feel obliged to stay for. Very child orientated I suspect, with puppets.

    The photos do need to be labelled on the back – I’ll look it up and email you later.


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