There are lots of complaints/queries on the Blogger forum about comments not appearing – I wouldn’t be surprised if Blogger has to go down to rectify this – so if you can’t get on to blogs, it’s not your computer and it’s not censorship, don’t worry.

10 comments on “whoops

  1. Dave

    I find it very suspicious that the day after you say you’re not censoring your blog, everyone’s comments around the whole world stop working. I suspect you’re holding down the delete button on a i-phone ap.

  2. Eddie 2-Sox

    Is it a browser thing? I was using BT Internet until tonight – no problems with comments appearing. Now I have swapped to Firefox – and the first comment has disappeared.

  3. Z

    Dave was all ready to storm the barricades, Dand. I thought I was going to have to hold him back.

    I know it’s happened with Firefox, Safari and IE, Simon – hang on, I’ll switch to Firefox and leave a second comment and see what happens.


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