Z receives a letter

We drove over to Weeza and Phil’s house to take the children out for a few hours, so that their parents could do some painting.  I should explain – if you’ve known me for a while, you may remember that they moved into a former Methodist church some fifteen months ago.  It had been converted to a house, but never completed and, when they bought it, the previous owner had been doing bits at the weekend for years but there was no prospect of it ever being finished by him.  They worked very hard to finish the downstairs and Russell’s and my moving-in present was a beautiful solid oak floor in their huge living room.  Upstairs, there were three bedrooms, each with an en suite bath or shower room and a large landing.  They decided to add two more bedrooms, a family bathroom, an airing cupboard and a landing, but the builders were working for Weeza’s employer, so were working around his requirements.  It was necessary to put in Velux windows into the slope of the roof and this has held them back for several months.

Now, however, they’re up to the decoration stage and the fitting of the bathroom, so they’re doing all they can during the holidays.  The children are very good, but it’s not that easy to get on, of course, when a three- and a six-year-old are about … and that’s why we offered to take them out.

The weather was pretty filthy last night, though not as bad here as in North Norfolk (and it was much worse some other parts of the country, I’m not complaining).  I lay in bed listening to the wind whistling down the chimney and the rain lashing against the window.  The road to the Old Chapel was flooded in parts.  I hate flooded roads, never knowing how deep the water is.  I’m not at all intrepid about it, I am always convinced the car will conk out and it’ll be an awful nuisance.  However, I did *bravely* drive through and it was fine, of course.

We went to Wroxhamam Baarns, as Zerlina used to call it – sadly, the first word has now been changed to Wrocky – for lunch and to play outside, then into Wroxhamam itself to buy bread and feed the birds – no ducks today, but swans, geese and thieving seagulls.  When we got back to the house, bearing cake for tea, Zerlina went to find the thank-you card she’d written me.  Enchantingly, Weeza was, in due course, surprised to hear about it, little z had done it all by herself without being prompted.

Earlier in the day, Wink had called on friends in Norwich and I went shopping – just to buy a new pair of jeans, a very necessary purchase as mine are falling apart, both pairs.  I bought the first pair I tried on, reduced to a mere £10.  I tried a second pair, but they were too big.

We’re watching films again this evening.

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