Z doesn’t stand still

Over to Weeza and co again today for lunch – I was playing the music in church, the clarinet this time.  That’s four times in eight days, either clarinet or organ, I might start to get good at this again before long.  Available breath and embouchure (lip muscle control, darlings, highly useful  and often praised) have improved already.  I’d bought a piece of gammon and not yet used it, so Wink cooked it and baked some potatoes, which we packed up and took with us, then cooked other vegetables when we arrived.  They’d all been out to the DIY shop for paint.

So it’s been another enjoyable day.  Wink is leaving for home tomorrow morning and I’ll do some tidying up.  It’ll be really quiet once I’m on my own again and it’ll take some getting used to, I daresay, though I’ve got a busy week coming up, including a party, which should be fun.

3 comments on “Z doesn’t stand still

  1. tim

    I haven’t tried to play a wind or brass instrument for many years, so can’t speak for my embouchure. My guitaring finger strength, though, seems to be on its way back.

  2. Z Post author

    Good news, Tim – I know it’s worth it, but it i hard to continue to make time to play, isn’t it? Let’s both make the effort.


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