Z procrastinates, isn’t a blog useful?

Yes, I’m better now, thanks. I had reached the point of tiredness and lack of food (I must remember to apologise to the headteacher) where I wasn’t thinking straight. The evening meeting really didn’t help – it was quite confusing and we didn’t actually get through the whole presentation as a couple of people asked questions, after which it turned into an opinion-giving session, without enough knowledge yet given out for informed opinion. I didn’t say a word during the meeting, except to murmur a couple of facts that I did know to the chairman of governors next to me.

I ate a couple of sausages and some asparagus that the Sage had kept from dinner for me, drank a couple of glasses of wine and still felt drained. Later, I went to find more food, ate the rest of the bolognese sauce from the night before, on a piece of toast (it was more than I needed but I ate it anyway), took a bottle of wine from the fridge, couldn’t find a corkscrew – we have four corkscrews – and, rather than looking for one properly, shoved it back and found a screw-top bottle of wine instead. I was beyond being sensible. I drank another glass of wine, went for an early night, but when I’d turned the light out found that all that food and wine made me unable to sleep. So, not to disturb the Sage who had just come to bed, I went and sat on the bathroom floor and read the newspaper. Inevitably, I fell asleep and woke with a crick in my neck, went to bed and slept mercifully soundly.

No more than a slight state of confusion today. The phone keeps ringing and the Sage is out – he loves answering the phone so I don’t expect to have to.

Loads of work, not doing it. Damn. Must get on.

6 comments on “Z procrastinates, isn’t a blog useful?

  1. Magic Cochin

    Do you ever click on links on blogs and end up somewhere strangely familiar?

    At Easter we had a lovely day out – first we went to Bungay and were just too late to buy asparagus – the sign was just being taken down at a lovely looking greengrocers – you know the one 😉

    THEN we went to Lowestoft and I thought ‘that place probably has good auctions’ as we drove past (I luuuuuv bidding at auctions).

    Arrived here via Cottage Smallholder. I once read that hens don’t have taste buds – what a load of drivel!

    Celia 🙂

  2. Dave

    I was in Yagnub yesterday. I knew you were in London City (because you’d said so, here) so I didn’t wave, even though I climbed to the top of an enormous hill.

    I think I shall blog about that tomorrow.

  3. Z

    Oh, thank you very much, LOM.

    Welcome, Celia – sorry you missed out on the asparagus. In our experience, chickens have definite taste buds. I read about an experiment once, where foods were stained different colours and offered to hens; one of them tasted bitter and the hens wouldn’t eat it Then they changed the colours around, and the chickens, of course, soon found that the food in a ‘good’ colour no longer tasted good. It took longer to find that a formerly rejected colour food did, but they worked it out. So they both taste and recognise colour.

    Oh Dave, I thought the town had an aura yesterday evening. Did you go up Bath Hills? That’s the highest, behind the common.


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