Bringing on the wall, soon.

“Next we go to Papua New Guinea, where there are scenes describing women who were put to death, having been accused of being witches. Some viewers may find this disturbing” I paraphrase, I’m not actually quoting in spite of the quotation marks. But this is a quote (unless the relevant word is distressing, am I likely to remember?)

“Ro – “Find it disturbing? Who wouldn’t?” and he changed the channel. Indeed.

Apparently, while I was out yesterday, he had a talk with his father. If I’d been there I’d not have been excluded, but I’ve given him openings this evening … anyway, he’s been talking about buying a house, but now he’s likely to be moving out in any case, into a room in someone’s house, as a half-way measure. I’m not surprised, nor dismayed, but neither am I relieved – he’s getting on for 25 and, although always enjoyable company, he’s been quite disengaged – that is, more than a friendly lodger than a close family member – in the time he’s lived here since he left university. We’ve plenty of space and he’s been able to save for a deposit, it’s been fine.

Weeza thinks I should make him feel guilty by being awfully upset. I think he’d think I was being odd, if he believed me at all.

I expect he’ll buy in the next 6 months, unless property prices enter freefall, which isn’t that likely.

Oh, there was just one meal I put on to my credit card in Italy, for 2 of us. I just got the bill in pounds. It was less than I expected. The exchange rate improved during the week then.

Oh. the sand and cement have arrived. I didn’t have the nous to photograph the lorry, but I have taken pictures of nearly a ton of sand and several bags of cement. How exciting. I must post them. Will it be all right to report on the Wall’s Progress here, or does it need a whole blog to itself? It hardly seems necessary, although it would mean that all you lovely people who flock here to lend a hand (possibly by just issuing admiring encouragement) could post their own thoughts and possibly photos of Dave’s and my Builder’s Bottoms. Hm. The camera is on top of a box of chocolates I’m not going to eat, so I may not put them up tonight.

Update – about 10 pm – Ro has told me himself, good lad. Boys can be concerned that their mothers will fuss. I’ve no idea if he thought I would, but still a job not to be shirked, so that’s good.

3 comments on “Bringing on the wall, soon.

  1. Dave

    I nearly downloaded a photo of a Builder’s Rear for the day when I write about the wall (which may well be Monday). However it seemed entirely innapropraite for my blog which is, of course, as pure as the driven snow.

    Would Ro like us to build him a house?

  2. Z

    What a good idea, Dave. I think he’d like that.

    Ooh, wall cleavage – I’m sure that could be arranged.


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