Z is a bit overwhelmed

The meeting in London was fine, but at the time when the floor was given to open questions and no one raised a hand, our hearts rose, briefly, until someone did. And it turned out to be a point about digital presentation of lectures. I’m sure that nearly everyone’s heart sank. This has dominated (hee hee, I wrote donimated first time) questions for several years. It’s here, people. In a couple of years, hardly anyone will use slides and a projector. Most of us are there already. Believe it and deal with it and stop bitching.

Pah. Sorry. I’ve been too long without food and a hastily swallowed few bites, accompanied by a badly needed couple of glasses of wine, in the last few minutes, hasn’t yet improved my state of mind.

When I got home, I found emails asking for more meetings and asking me to babysit. I replied, accepting, then went off for this evening’s meeting, which raised more questions than answers. I got home, complained to the Sage about things that hadn’t happened while I was away last week (he’s all gingered up and ready to please, darling boy that he is, gosh, I think he might need a Toothy Smile of Consolation before long).

Next week has filled up. I’m keeping mornings free, because I’m otherwise engaged, apart from Friday. Yes, the time has done come. Dave and I are going to mend fences. No, what am I talking about? That’s nonsense. I mean, Dave and I (and the Sage) are going to build a wall. Give us a day or two, and then you can come and help if you like. No, really, it would be a pleasure. We’d love to see you. We’re awfully sociable and friendly, and I’ll do lunch and all (sandwiches, I daresay, but who doesn’t like a sandwich?) but Dave will be in charge and I’ll be glowering in the background, and, frivolous though we normally are, we’re also terribly focused.

The Sage didn’t quite believe it. He hasn’t ordered the sand and cement yet, though I gave him plenty of notice. He’s doing it tomorrow. First thing.

I need more food.

10 comments on “Z is a bit overwhelmed

  1. martina

    Photos-you need to post photographic proof of your building of the wall by Sage, Dave and yourself! Sorry I’ll miss the sandwiches…

  2. Aleesuhn_Muhree

    You really do know how to explain your crappy day in a beautiful way. Hope the wine doesn’t go to your head to quickly and Z needs food—STAT!

    I’m no doctor, but I’d say you’ve had enough stress for one day.

  3. Dave

    Have just sent an e-mail about sand.

    I’m told the curent weather forecast is for rain on Monday, in which case we won’t be starting.

  4. Z

    Simon, I think on Monday we’ll be preparing more than doing but later in the week things should be starting to swing. Juggling is also good.

    Alyson, I overate and drank rather dramatically after writing that. The day wasn’t really so crappy, but a bit much.

    Excuses, Badge. However, I’ll put up photos and you and Martina can be here in spirit.

    Dave, you are completely charming.

  5. Blue Witch

    Sorry, no energy for building and I can’t eat sandwiches, so I wouldn’t be much use. You could point a webcam at the site so we can all see what’s going on…

  6. Z

    Rice cakes and Ryvita also available, and no doubt soup will be made at some point. However, delightful company also welcome at any time (as is yours of course, Simon, I didn’t mean that you aren’t welcome on Monday).


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