Z pretends to be busy when she is actually just Playing

I phoned the insurance company today, and my new car is insured. I haven’t got it yet, but I need the certificate to get the tax disc. I know I could get that online, but bearing in mind I still don’t have the tax disc for the old car, which I renewed nearly two months ago (oh, and it was only a few days ago I was writing about that, and now I’ll not be driving the car again), I’d rather trust my insurance company (which I choose for the lovely Manchester accents of their phone operatives) than the DVLC.

Ro will give me a lift tomorrow to Norwich, Alan will drop me at Weeza’s and she (I hope) will take me back into Norwich later, where I’ll go to the cinema with Ro and then he’ll drive me home. I don’t need a car again for a fortnight (I’m not saying I wouldn’t use one, but that I don’t have another appointment not in cycling distance) so now I’m all right.

I’m still assiduously learning places. I’ve cracked the USA, and know all the states and their capitals. I have brushed up on Canada, Central and South America. I’ve nailed all 53 countries of Africa including surrounding islands of Madagascar, Cape Verde, the Seychelles (where we honeymooned, *sentimental sigh*), São Tomé and Príncipe, and Comoros, and their 52 capitals. Western Sahara doesn’t appear to have a capital – maybe it’s a region, not a country? Anyway, I know where it is.

I know the countries (& capitals) of the Middle East and Asia. The capitals of the islands of Oceania are beyond me – frankly, it’s hard to care, but at least I know my French Polynesia from my Solomon Islands now. I know the countries of Europe, but am a bit shocked to find out how hazy I am on some of the Eastern European capitals, and that I’d never heard of Vaduz, the capital of Liechtenstein.

Next, I will tackle the Caribbean. I expect to embarrass myself. I still haven’t found myself a decent GB quiz map. And of those I have found, some use county names (such as Rutland) and some go by administrative areas (such as Avon).

This is where I get my daily entertainment. Usually, it’s for 10 minutes or so before I go to bed, but some afternoons, well…

15 comments on “Z pretends to be busy when she is actually just Playing

  1. Z

    At any rate, the counties and the county towns, done as a quiz. I’ll add a link to the site I’m using, which is very helpful for an old dear who learns slow.

    Ideally, it would also have rivers and suchlike, but I think that’s too much to ask for.

  2. Dave

    I’m assuming your reverse closed brackets are intended to be a sad face, responding to the word ‘sigh’ and not a typo, because, of course, I’m too polite to mention typos, in which case they are a very subtle use of punctuation for which you are to be commended.)

  3. Z

    Ooh, thank you Dave, I hadn’t noticed that. No, it’s a typo. I’d better leave it, to show I’m blithe and carefree. Oh wait, I’d better change it, to show my honeymoon wasn’t a horrible mistake.

    Sandy, I have a warped idea of what is fun.

  4. Liz

    Oooh, a new car! I haven’t had my own car for many years. Given how chuffed I am with my new mobile phone – imagine how excited I’d be if I was getting a new car!

    I must have a play on that geography site – I love quizzes. I didn’t know the capital of Lichenstein either.

  5. Z

    My daughter moved from London to Norwich 4 months ago, so had to buy a car after 9 years without, which was very exciting.

    It’s a good site – really helps you learn. Mind you (after some questions on North America on University Challenge tonight) Ronan casually asked me the capital of Nebraska and it took me a good 2 minutes to remember (Lincoln), which was a bit lowering.

  6. Blue Witch

    my insurance company (which I choose for the lovely Manchester accents of their phone operatives)

    Well, I guess someone has to pay Non-Value prices in order for the likes of me to get Value prices 😉

  7. Z

    Bemuse, you mean, HDWK?

    A little tongue in cheek, BW. The reason I used to use them was because they had an excellent local agent who got us a very good deal initially (way cheaper than our previous company). A couple of years ago, they did away with local agents who call – although Steve still will come round and advise – but, whenever needed, they have given us excellent service. I have stayed with them, although next time round I will do some research and see what better deals I might get and talk to them about it. But they only employ call centre people in this country, the phone was answered promptly by a person and I had helpful and courteous service, and when we’ve made claims in the past we’ve been more than satisfied. All that is valuable in itself and price isn’t everything I’ve taken into account.

  8. Mr Farty

    Well done on the learning thing, I have trouble finding my a**e with both hands. Until about five years ago, I thought Brunei was somewhere in the UAE. But at least I know the capital of Peru!


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