It seems that Z has another car

Not that I’ve seen it yet. The Sage and Mike went to Norwich today to look at it, have approved and bought it and Mike has taken it back to his workshop as the electric windows need some attention.

I asked about it – it’s a Mercedes, a very dark blue, started the Sage, and went on to describe more fully the colour. I explained that I don’t really care about colour. Nor make. Actually, that it works goes a long way for me.

So, it’s 11 years old (age is not a factor either), an estate (which I wanted) and 2000 cc (1600-2500 was my generous range, with a preference for the lower to middle end). I didn’t care whether petrol or diesel and had a slight preference for manual over automatic. I need enough leg room in the back for friends who aren’t that flexible. I want air con (this is a factor in older cars) and power steering (ditto), which Mike took some convincing of.

So, I probably won’t have it for Tuesday, but may get a lift with Ro and have breakfast in Norwich or may take the bus.

For those interested, I didn’t note the full details, but it’s something like C200*insert letter or two* Elegance. Not a word that has ever described me, but a woman can aspire. Looking it up on this website, I said to the Sage “does it have leather seats?” He said it does. I wonder if that means it will smell like a Morris Minor? A point in its favour if so.

Oh, I should add that I gave full decision-making powers to the Sage. I suggested that I only needed to look at it if he was not quite sure, otherwise I’d be happy to entrust him and Mike with the decision. I can delegate, you see.

17 comments on “It seems that Z has another car

  1. Z

    ‘a willing partner if you’re looking for long-term commitment’ sounds my sort of chap (I know it says that of the 2500 model, but I’m quite pint-sized myself). And it sounds a fair bit of car, with not a high mileage, for around £1500.

  2. Z

    Indeed, and it’s Oxford blue too. No, it’s petrol. But I expect it’ll be sturdy enough.

    Mike is a fine finder of Value cars. The one he found for Ro 2 1/2 years ago for £450 (including a new MOT) is still going strong with very little maintenance.

  3. luckyzmom

    Lovely car. Although I trusted my husband to chose a home for us once, I don’t think I could let him chose a car for me. They all feel so different when you sit in them. I become very attached to my cars and could go into great detail about each one I’ve owned, just like I am with the meme of which I just posted the second chapter.

  4. Z

    I’m easygoing when it comes to cars, as my specifications demonstrate, and the Sage looks after me so well that I know I can rely on him to think about questions such as ‘are the seats adjustable to fit a shortarse?’ I don’t think I can go far wrong with a Mercedes for comfort and reliability (mind you, I loved my present car and that’s turned out to be a total turkey).

    Picture, I’ll do that. And yes, Dave, I understand that it does.

  5. Z

    I’m disillusioned now, Pat, having been taken in by the specious charms of the previous one, but possibly not immune to seduction. Sadder, wiser, but still susceptible, you might say…

  6. Dandelion

    Dear z, that is happy news. I am getting a new car as well (subject to my knowing how to work it). It is also blue, and I believe it too has four wheels which go round.

  7. Z

    Khan was chocolate but in dog terms it was called blue. Do they do cars in Bendicks Bittermint? Because if so, I want one. Or a boxful.

  8. Dandelion

    Z, I’ve discovered the most fantastic thing. It’s called a car wrap. They do your car in vinyl, which is digitally printed in anything you like! And it protects the bodywork too. I’m thinking of making my car look like it is knitted. In pink wool, in garter stitch.


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