Z prepares to panic

We did indeed go to the National Portrait Gallery – I’m very fond of it.  It’s the Nat. Gallery’s poor cousin and there are never lots of people there, but I like it and especially appreciate the contemporary portraits, some of which are impressive.  We didn’t go into the Giacometti exhibition – I tend to think, though I’m probably a complete Philistine, that once you’ve seen one Giacometti (do hope I’m spelling that right) you’ve seen ’em all.  He was very much the stylist.  I’m displaying ignorance, I’m sure.  But anyway, I’ve been to a G… exhibition and I did appreciate it but I didn’t feel inclined to go again.  And, after an hour or so of attentiveness, both Wink and I found ourselves skimming through a gallery, saying ‘yeah, yeah’, so it was clearly time to sit down and eat and drink a little something.

I slept very little last night, so will go to bed early – body clock completely confused by idiotic time change, of course.  I’ve had a couple more commission bids for the sale, which is immensely reassuring.  I can only hope it will go well and I’m due a blind panic tomorrow.  I need time to get over that, so i can not worry on the day.

It’s only three more days!  Blind panic starting right now, I think.

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