The mean time

A couple of hours ago, I composed an entire post, in my head of course, but I went to sleep instead and now that awfully interesting, hem hem, subject has gone from my flaky little head.  Instead, I’m coughing. One of those intensely tickly little coughs that gets in your throat and is very hard to resist – impossible, in fact.  I reached for my bag and got a blackcurrant lozenge, which I’d bought to take to the theatre, but that didn’t do the trick so I slipped a menthol and euthalyptus sweet in my mouth too, have drunk water, nothing is working and I woke my sister.  She is so polite and good-natured about it.  I hope I will stop soon.

We are in London for my birthday treat: she took me to the theatre as my birthday treat. It was very good, a Rattigan revival by Kenneth Branagh’s theatre company, with himself in the lead rôle and Zoë Wanamaker in the cast too.  I’ve seen them both before, not for many years – she was in a production of The Importance of Being Earnest, with Judi Dench as Lady Bracknell – it was a splendid cast, in fact, though very many years ago and probably not worth telling you all about.  Branagh was in two Shakespeare plays – Henry V and Midsummer Night’s Dream, I think, or was it King Lear? Or all three?  I distinctly remember Richard Briars as Fluellen.  If that’s the character’s name, the old drinking partner of Prince Hal who’s caught stealing and is hanged.

clearly, I shouldn’t ramble on at this hour of the night.  Half-remembered nonsense gets churned out.   I daren’t lie down though, in case my precariously recovered throat starts spasming into coughs again.  Wink has gone back to sleep, fortunately.

We have returned to the depressing Greenwich Mean Time, which will plunge this evening into premature darkness and gives me an extra hour of wakefulness now.  I shall probably log on to the Sunday newspaper and read, in a few minutes.

6 comments on “The mean time

  1. Linda

    I forgot the clocks changed. I only remembered when I read Ken’s rant which has plunged me into despair as I can’t change the boiler, cooker, microwave, car either!
    I’m sorry about your cough, they are the most annoying of viruses, have a honey, lemon and large brandy for breakfast. It probably won’t help the cough but might make the day a little more relaxed.

  2. Z Post author

    She’s still asleep! I know she’s had five hours more than me, where does she put it?

    It’s only the boiler that matters really, the rest are only cosmetic. And tv, phone etc change automatically, so that’s all right.

    It’s the sort of hotel where a chocolate is left on your pillow, I might start by eating that. We’re planning to go to the Nat. Portrait Gallery later. Lots of love xxx

  3. Keith

    Guess which idiot forgot to put the clocks back last night! I usually have a lie-in on Sundays and have breakfast in bed, but because I live alone I have to get up and prepare it, and jump back into bed. Well, I cant trust the cat to make it for me; she doesn’t know how I like my bacon done.

    I friend was going to pick me up to go shopping at midday, and when she turned up an hour late I chided her for it, until she pointed out about the clocks going back. She muttered something about me being put away. Was my face red!

    1. Z Post author

      Oh dear, easily done! It was very pleasant to have an extra hour to dawdle when i was away from home in a luxurious hotel – though I wish I’d had a bit more sleep during the night. I slept very well last night, to make up for it.

  4. LZM

    It’s 6:09 AM here, now, an hour or so earlier than my usual time to get out of bed and start the day because our time changed at 2 AM. Every year I have the determined intention to continue getting up an hour earlier. So far I haven’t been successful. Perhaps this is my year. Mayhaps I can use the extra hour to start blogging again!


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