Counting down the days

Another page in the newspaper today – so kind of them to give me all this free publicity.  I went to have dinner with Ronan and Dora – Ro did the cooking, he’d promised me lentil and feta bake.  It was very good, and I asked what spices were in it.  Cumin, coriander, smoked paprika, chilli – he couldn’t remember if there were more.  He’d based it on a recipe that his former landladies had brought home from Lesbos and so, of course, named Lesbian Cheese.  Ro has adapted it somewhat…

Roses is away today – she may be back by now, in fact, I haven’t looked – and this afternoon, her cat Rummy decided to pay a visit.  That was quite all right, Eloise thinks she has every right to treat his home as her own and he puts up with it, not that he likes it much.  I stroked him and he ate some of her food and retreated under the kitchen table.  I asked if he’d like to go out – he growled at me and retreated upstairs.  i was a little nonplussed.  I clearly have more to learn about cats.  Eloise went upstairs a few minutes later, not knowing he was there, and there was some exchange of words, whereupon he came down again, with her in pursuit.  I think I might as well leave them to it.


8 comments on “Counting down the days

    1. Z Post author

      Hah – I locked the damn cat flap before I went out this evening. If my pal doesn’t come round to fit the new one soon, I’m going to have to do it myself. Not this side of the sale though, I’d make a hash of it and need a new back door.

  1. mago

    Is the great day tomorrow ?
    All my best wishes. You will be cool calm collected when necessary, or at least give a good impression of being so ! 🙂

  2. Bue Witch

    Hope the auction goes really well. Hope it’s different enough not to feel too weird.

    Cats are cats. Don’t bother trying to understand them. No-one can. Just feed them, stroke them, and say, “Yes master/mistress!” If you ever feel you understand them, you haven’t.

  3. Z Post author

    It is indeed tomorrow, thank you both.

    All I need to know about the cats that live here is enough to make them feel comfortable. For example, I was careful not to meet the eyes of the more timid barn cats, so that they would not feel uncomfortable, but their mother and tabby brother were happy to be looked at. And I can’t assume that Rummy will always be happy to be stroked, but Eloise never minds. I don’t try to understand them and it’s rather pleasant and quite amusing to be constantly surprised.

  4. Keith

    Next doors cat comes in and eats Dinkys food and the silly cat just lets him! She is too soft and timid to do anything about it. Then when he’s gone she demands more food from me, and I’m daft enough to give it her; but she’s worth it. . . .


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