Z prepares for the winter

Today, I’ve been buying cashmere.  Well, it’s the time of year, innit?  When it’s cheap.  Two good quality (I’ve bought from them before) cashmere jumpers for £55 including postage is fine by me.

Weeza phoned this evening and we realise we haven’t seen each other for several weeks, so we’re planning to meet up on Friday.  Their house-buying is still ok, they’ve had a few concerns about the vendor but it seems that it’s on track and they hope to sign the contract this week.  Fingers crossed.  There’s a fair bit to do with the house, which was formerly a Methodist chapel and the conversion was never quite completed, but it’s got great potential.

Poor little Gus has croup and was quite ill this afternoon.  In fact, he was wheezing so badly that when Weeza (sorry, I should call her El on this occasion) phoned the NHS helpline, they offered to send an ambulance and, when it arrived, he was given oxygen – not because he was in danger but to ease the symptoms.  At the hospital, he was given steroids and is asleep in bed now, although still quite wheezy.    If he’s not better by Monday, I’ll go over and look after him for a while in the morning as El has a meeting that she’d rather not cancel because people are coming from some way away for it, and she will take the afternoon off.

I’ve been exchanging emails with Elle – ah, there’s why it’s not too sensible calling my daughter El.  Our student friend who stayed over here for several months, if you remember – her parents and sister came over in February and she returned home with them.  We’ve talked on Skype but really not kept in close contact, considering what close friends we became.  Anyway, in apology, because I’m really rubbish at replying to emails, I’ve offered to tell her the name of my blog.  Yes, I know.  I never mentioned it when she was staying here, but now I’ve blabbed.

Some rain this evening, but not the thunderstorms that other places have had.  Not very dramatic on the whole, East Angular.  

8 comments on “Z prepares for the winter

  1. Irene

    It’s so very English to buy cashmere sweaters. There must be a rule that an Englishwoman should own at least several of them.

  2. Z

    And there comes a stage in life when only cashmere will do, Irene!

    You’re right of course, Mike, though I’m conscious that other writing I do is the style I write in, not the style I speak. I suppose that’s the point, though.

  3. Z

    Thank you, Indigo – I think!

    It’s nice just to hold against one’s face, isn’t it Jane? Nicer still to wear, obviously.


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