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Long-term readers will know that I sometimes start telling you all about my family’s or my own past.  I’ve pretty well run out of things to say now though, and I’ve been telling one of my friends about another family I’ve known since way back.  I’ve got quite a few anecdotes – you know me, not brief funny stories but fairly long ones that ramble on and on with multiple digressions until, at the point where the reader reaches total despair, I return to the original point and complete the tale.  Sadly, I can’t possibly post any of it here (not because it’s rude but because it’s not appropriate, they’re not my relations), but it does make me realise how much I enjoy this sort of reminiscing.  Odd really, because I’ve never done it within my family, I’ve written more here about my childhood than I’ve ever told my children.  Still, if ever they’re interested, they can read it here.  My friend probably wishes she’d never asked, mind you.

I have, with uncharacteristic boldness (if you’ll believe that, you’ll believe anything) given Elle a link to this site.  It’ll be news to her that I call her Elle, for a start.

6 comments on “Rambling Z

  1. nick

    I’m quite the opposite. My stories tend to be too abbreviated and can easily miss out the vital details that make complete sense of them! I think I’m afraid people won’t really be interested so I go for high-speed succintness.

  2. Z

    Thanks, love.

    I don’t tend to tell long and rambling stories in person, you’ll be glad to know – well, not too often. It’s when I start remembering from way, way back.

    She’s going to see a whole new side of me, isn’t she, Roses?!

  3. Beryl Ament

    I started my blog specifically so I could preserve family memories—and a few of my own. The blogs I read way back then were written under real names—John Bailey, John Copeland, Rob Rummel-Hudson, Beth Campbell and Bev Sykes, for example, so I followed and used my own and my kids names. I’m a little careful when mentioning people who may be looking for employment, but anyone who knows what they are doing (and that doesn’t include me) could unearth all kinds of information by following Facebook and blog threads on even anonymous posts.


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